Tuesday, June 6

Daily Farm Photo: 6/6/06

If You Set Something Down Around Here, It May Not Get Moved For Years

People often ask me how I find enough time to tend to the farm, garden, three blogs, all of the critters, and life in general (you know, like eating). When things get really busy around the farm, I don't. And, for obvious reasons, the blogs get nudged toward the bottom of the priority list (because I certainly can't go without food--though I have been known to eat the same thing for days on end). Anyway, this is one of those times. Add irritating dial-up connection problems into the mix (such as being disconnected five times just while trying to put up this post), and well. . .

Please bear with me as replies to your questions, comments, and e-mails (all of which I read and thoroughly enjoy) are delayed. I hope to be back to full-swing blogging


  1. I definitely don't see how you do it all with dial-up. You're all over the Web. (And I eat the same thing for days sometimes, too!)

  2. When I first started my blog I had dial-up, and it was so slow. My condolences. It's a whole different experience now. Are you too far out there to get cable?

  3. I was just thinking the other day, as I attended to my tiny garden, "Boy, Farmgirl must be REALLY busy!"

  4. FIVE TIMES? You're much more persistant that I am and you do a much better job of keeping your blogs updated, also! (and your garden tended, and your sheep sheared, and your daily photos taken, and...) Just keep "pluggin' along"!


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