Friday, June 16

Daily Farm Photo: 6/16/06

Garden Mint & Handmade Fence

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A year of Daily Photos ago: Front Yard Gate


  1. Love that fence, and I want your mint what else can I say?

  2. Hi! I'm new and I love it here! I hope it's okay if I link you up to my blog because I want to come back and visit often!

  3. I found you on Blogs of Note today. I've always dreamed of having my own farm with a couple of goats and sheep, maybe a goose or two. I would grow veggies and herbs and make my own soap and creams and scrubs to sell.

    I'll definitely be visiting you again. Also, I love your masthead.

  4. Hello! I'm one of the newbies. As an ex farm girl I love seeing your pictures every day. Right now I belong in the city, but I hope one day to be able to return to country life... in the mean time, reading your blog will have to make do. :)

  5. Farmgirl!! Please please PLEASE come to Maryland and help us build a fence!! We need to build one for Max and Spike (unless FG's mum wants them!). Joe is very concerned about me and a shovel and/or hammer thing.

    You can bring Mum! And Cary! Heck, you can even bring the chickenz! Oh, and of course, Farmguy Joe!

  6. Wow! I admire your hard work!

  7. ex-farmboy here. Found you on Blogs Of Note. I used to hay in Vermont and have all kinds of empathy, especially when you see those rain clouds coming and absolutely everything gets put aside so you can run the windrows and bale the stuff (minus the usual snake-in-the-bale) and get it in the barn.

    Lovely photos!

    Come visit my spot if you have time, ha ha.

  8. Wow 'lil farmer. Them's some good photos. I was wondering if you minded me using them as reference for my doodles. Just as reference, not pure stealing. Keep up the good stuff!!!

  9. I'm sure it must be lot's of hard work but it just looks like paradise to me!

  10. Fences in Maryland? The chickenz are packing our bags, Jeff. What are you planning for refreshments?

    You do realize that as far as fence-building is concerned, we prefer to supervise the proceedings.As Farmgirl pointed out in our discussion of furniture for the henhouse, armchairs and the like, chickenz don't have arms.

    In addition to our management skills, we have sometimes been known for fence sitting. We'd be glad to test the finished article for y'all. Just mail us the plane tickets, c/o Susan


  12. Hello lindy (the chicken) and whitey! We greatly appreciate your volunteerism. That whole no-arms-thing does put you in prime supervisory position.

    As far as refreshments, I was thinking.....eggnog! Hee hee.

    Would you be willing to travel in a cat carrier in the cargo hold? Or do chickenz require people-seats?

  13. I love your pictures. The mint is beautiful! I have been trying to grow mint in my yard and it just may be taking hold. Thanks for sharing your life and pics.

  14. Jeff, my friend..cargo??????? I think I'm having a chicken cardiac event.

  15. Hey.
    I'm from Spain and i'm surprise about your blog.
    I love your farm and I think your live are very interesting.
    Congratulations to make your dreams true.

  16. Hi, I'm enjoying your blog. Sorry I missed your event on Father's Day, I didn't find your blog until after it happened! I'm a city girl (born in Portland and I've lived here most of my life) and reading about the farm is fun as well as mind-opening.

  17. Oops! I apparently confused your blog for another farm blog that I also just started reading yesterday--you're not a bit local to me. Still interesting, though!

  18. Susan, I just came upon your site for the first time today, after scrolling through "Blogs of Note," and wanted to say I've found it immensely enjoyable. I'll definitely be back, and will refer others as well.

  19. I stumbled upon your blog today. And as a new Farmgirl myself, I enjoy reading your stories and especially looking at your great photos! I am in Pennsylvania on a very small farm with four new dairy goats. Next spring will bring lots of milk and hopefully lots of cheese! I am learning as I go; You inspire me in many ways. Thanks for taking the time to chronicle your daily living experience.

  20. stumbled upon your blog and now have a new friend to "visit"! I feel like I am right there with you taking your morning walks and seeing all the beautiful critters.

  21. I'm new here too, and for the 5 minutes I have looked at your blog, I am in love so far. ;) I live in Missouri also, grew up on a farm, which is where we have a winery now. I live in the city, but I am at the farm/winery everyday, since this is my job. I love gardening, cooking, and I think I'll fit right in here. It's always fun to find someone remotely like me, even if it is on the internet.

  22. my daughter in Charleston SC connected me to your blog . gosh, I really enjoy this . check yours as often as I check hers. GREAT pictures and stories. Haven't checked recipes yet but will.

  23. Hi Susan.

    I am not a newbie but rather a frequent lurker who does not post my thanks and admiration often enough. I love to visit your site to read your sweet stories and gaze at the soothingly beautiful pictures. I can only imagine how much hard work maintaining your land and livestock entails -- how nice that you summon up the energy to share your bit of heaven with all of us.

    Thank you and big hugs to Cary and all the other furry family members!


  24. getting to love your blog everyday. I always wanted to own a far myself.. maybe i will retire to one... someday

  25. Well, I discovered your site today and here it is 4 hours later and I haven't accomplished a thing.
    Love it. Thanks


  26. I stop by to "visit" your farm every day and enjoy every minute! I made your cranberry scones and chocolate biscotti over the Christmas holidays -- yum! Love your pictures!

  27. Wow, you have such a nice blog. Would defintely link to your blog so as to visit more often.

  28. I just found your blog yesterday; I absolutely love the recipes. So far, my favorite was the post about being a foodie...definitely a foodie! I'll be visiting often!

  29. Hello! I "wandered" my way here and found such an interesting and charming place that I want to "set a spell"!

    I've always dreamed of my own "Green Acres" and Farmgirl, you've inspired me. I've started today with your vast array of notes on bread making,(looking for my bowl on eBay as I write this) the story of Caraway ( sweet- give her a hug for me!) and I am now reading from the begining with the Windridge Farm writings.

    With such great stories, I'm afraid my lazy fanny will be glued to this chair all day!

    Thanks for such wonderful place to dream!

  30. Susan, you are my hero. I live in the middle of town, have a kitchen background and want to live on a farm. I am converting every square inch of my dirt into our urban farmyard...

  31. I jumped over here from Skittle's Place and you are getting the ol bookmark. The term "natural life Porn" springs to mind.

    I look forward to venturing further into your offerings.

    So far the pictures alone have me coming back.

    Be well and enjoy the day.

  32. I'm new here.
    The pictures in your blog looks very peacefully. - I like it!

    I really want to have my own Farm. :)

  33. Hi
    Just found your blog and I am still catching up on your adventures. Isn't this the life?

    I have my own place in Kentucky just moved here a year and five months ago. Living here has been one of my better moves in life.

    Wish the best.
    Kay in Kentucky

  34. love your blogs - we're in KS, so I totally get some of the regional climate pressures on the garden.

    thanks for putting in the work on your blog -

  35. You are livin' my dream. If I could only get DH to get into farming...I'd be in heaven. I am definitely coming back to visit your site!

  36. Hi! I love your site. I was directed to it by the igomogul buisness and I've gotten caught rite up in your stories. I can so relate as we also have a farm and have been on many. I can relate to the farm antics and espcially to the loss of family pets.Your site has also got me really excited about getting my blog up and going. I will definately be coming back again and again to your site. Thanks for the laughs, tears and most of all for the inspiration.

  37. Love the photos,,they remind me of the Vermont farm i grew up, your making me homesick!! My mom still laughs when she finds me crawling around to take photos of "odd things". Great site!

  38. Great site! Just commented on your heart rock collection. Thanks for this.... Here is my blog...have some sheep stories on there as well as some goat rememberances :)

  39. This is a great site. You've got a real food-blogging empire. I used one of your savory scone recipes for an attempt at Collared Greens and Bacon Scones. I'm working on a little video and will put it up at in the next couple of days. Keep up the good work!


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