Monday, June 19

Daily Farm Photo: 6/19/06

Real Still Life

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Pssst! Cary fans--she's been spotted in the greenhouse.

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Farmhouse White Cooling On The Counter


  1. Hello Farmgirl, Still waiting on that Farmhouse white recipe here... yum yum... Any eggs yet? Anyway, hope your day has been good as mine is just getting started -- working tonite again and then home for a few days.

  2. I'm a few days behind on my reading, so just learned about your "blog of note" status. (They didn't have to tell me(o: Way to go, girl. Congrats!

  3. CHICKENZ! And mightly stately looking chickenz to boot!!

    Hope your Monday was a nice one, FG :)

  4. This is a cool site. I love the country. I too left Cincinnati Ohio city living for the country life in Indiana.

    Like the pics!

  5. Oh I just love fresh eggs. :-)

  6. Great photo's and a great site we love our farm too!

  7. "Look at him... he loves it..."

    All this time I thought I loved chicken because it was delicious -- it turns out that I was genetically predisposed to liking Chicken!

    ** Shaun **
    My awesome blog:


  8. Me encantan tus fotos, super bonitas! Te felicito. Visita mi blog es de arte y
    Saludos y sigue colgando fotos

  9. mmmm... heather is right... I think it's about time for another recipe-- for farmhouse white! I made your cheddar-chive scones last night and they were delicious!

  10. Hallo Susan,
    your blog is really nice! And the painted sheep very cute! I write from the far Italy and have nothing important to say... You are going from California to Missouri, I from Rome to Rimini. Because in Rome are to much traffic and chaos and in Rimini the life is more calm. I think (but i don't know) that was the same fot you.
    Have a nice day and greets to me your cats and your donkey. I'm grown with three donkeys... ;-)
    P.S. Sorry for the horrible english...

  11. Farmgirl, you need to add photographer to your list of accomplishments....your pictures are beautiful!

  12. The Stately Chickenz graciously accept your compliments.. With respect to certain other photos (including those of the backside of sheeps), we would just point out that when a gal moults from time to time, she does not require costly, time consuming shearing.

    And certain fluffy poultry feathers are positively famous for making pillows...We're just sayin'..


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