Friday, February 8

Farm Photo 2/8/08: Handful Of Heart Rocks

Today's Additions To My Collection

This afternoon I finished up an article about Valentine's Day treats for FoodieView (more about that on Monday when it's published) and headed outside to stretch my legs, enjoy some fresh air, and check on the sheep.

A quick lap around the front field and back up through the creek bed yielded all of these heart shaped rocks (though I realize the one on the right is a bit of a stretch). I figure it must be a sign of some sort. Either that or we just have a whole lot of heart shaped rocks on the farm.

Want to see more?
Pictures of my heart rock collection

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  1. I think you find heart rocks like my sister-in-law finds four-leaf clover. I can look forever then she just looks down and there one is.
    Now, do the hearts mean anything???Ask

  2. Me again...I may be slow, but I just noticed the little comments that you are putting beside the copyright...
    pretty cute.

  3. I am amazed. How do you find them? I am sitting here just shaking my head in wonder. How many do you have now?

  4. It's a sign, FG...a good one! :-) I'm not sure I've ever seen a heart-shaped rock here in Georgia, and believe me, I look (rockhound).

  5. Perhaps they're ancient valentines left behind?

  6. The one on the far right is a heart, too. Don't sell yourself short. :)

  7. Love love love the heart rock with all the pits and holes in it! Real hearts get dinged up quite a lot if we are living fully - but still have that beauty. Beverly - I noticed those comments a while back and sometimes scroll down to see them first! Isn't FG a good hostess - she gives us treats all over the place!?

  8. Hi Beverly,
    I've decided the heart rocks definitely mean something. I've found so many I figure they must! And lately it seems I just keep finding more and more, especially at (for lack of a better word) interesting moments. I still don't actively seek them out, but I do usually keep my eyes to the ground. I love to look up, but I always seem to trip when I do. ; )

    Glad you're enjoying those sly little copyright comments I started slipping in a few weeks ago. I figured I might as well have fun with them, rather than just putting the same old thing on every post. My A Year In Bread pal Beth, aka kitchenMage has started putting amusing popup titles on her posted blog photos, and when I told her I like them she said that they're "sort of writer calisthenics. Keeps my brain limber." I realized that's pretty much what I'm doing with the copyright lines. Plus it's a fun way to amuse myself. Of course if you haven't figured it out already, I'm pretty easily amused! ; )

    Hi Jean,
    I must have over 200 found heart rocks by now, which amazes me to no end. I honestly don't know how I find so many, though the odds are with me since

    1) as I mentioned above, when I'm on uneven terrain I keep my head to the ground - and it's pretty much all uneven around the farm!

    2) We have a LOT of rocks here. Sometimes it seems like we have more rocks than dirt. Last month I was out in the fields taking soil samples so we could do soil tests before spreading organic fertilizer and amendments, and half the time when I poked the narrow metal probe thing into the ground it stopped after about 2 inches because it had hit a huge rock! That certainly explained to poor growing state of certain parts of the fields, LOL.

    During a huge storm several years ago, the already rocky creekbed that meanders in front of The Shack and south through the farm literally filled up with large gravel that washed in from, well, I'm not exactly sure from where. Upstream somewhere!

    One of the things I like is comparing all the different types and colors of rocks. There are lots of subtle variations, but in general the rocks are mostly the same type of limestone. My friend and fellow shepherdgal (and awesome artist) Katherine Dunn sent me two beautiful little black heart rocks from her farm in Oregon, and they look so different from mine. It's really neat.

    Hi Miss Kitty,
    Yes, I figure whatever kind of a sign it is, it must be a good one. Maybe you should be looking for cat and chicken shaped rocks instead. ; )

    Hi Maya,
    Ooh! Ooh! Ancient valentines. I LOVE that theory!

    Hi Daisy,
    Yeah, I'm not as picky as I used to be about the actual heart shapes, though there are a couple on my ledge that just don't seem to be heart shaped no matter how I turn them, and I wonder what I saw at the time I picked them up. What's interesting is that a lot of the rocks only look like hearts from one side or even one angle, so you can walk right by one and not notice it until you come at it from a different direction.

    I love all the different shapes and sized hearts. I have to admit the perfectly shaped ones are usually my favorites, but of course I'd never have the heart (ouch - sorry) to toss the semi rejects out!

    Hi Linda Sue,
    I was just thinking about you this morning, and the question you asked when I posted my last heart rock photo about whether my collection was going to make the move with me or stay here on the rock ledge on the outside wall of The Shack. A day or two before you asked, I'd been wondering the same thing myself.

    I'm thinking that I may leave them here, as they fit so well, but one of the reasons I started piling them along this ledge was because it's right by the front door and I pass by it numerous times a day.

    Once we've moved out of The Shack (which is probably going to be this summer - the drywall finisher is supposed to come out to have a look today!) I won't be passing by that ledge nearly as often, and I'm sure I'll miss my rocks.

    But the shelf is actually pretty full up now, so maybe I need to be looking for a new heart rock home anyway. My new office/studio is going to be quite large (Joe still can't figure out how I nabbed so much square footage, LOL), and I plan to display some of my long stored artwork and my beloved bird nest collection. Maybe I can make a space somewhere for the heart rocks, too. Or at least a few really special ones.

    Thanks for letting me know you consider those little copyright comments treats! ; )

    And thanks, as always, everybody, for taking the time to write. You know I always love reading your comments, and I apologize for not always having a chance to reply to them. Though as you can see, when I do I usually get a little carried away babbling!

  9. Not too much of a stretch - I see it!

    I love how you keep finding them - maybe one day they don't look like hearts to you, then BAM - the next, there's a Heart Rock.

    Happy Early Valentine's Day!

  10. I am quite fond of your heart rocks.....I collect rocks just to engrave where we have been. Nothing quite as illustrious as yours tho.

    Haven't been here in awhile I have missed a lot...I'll be back.

  11. I take 3 to 7 mile walks every day on the farm. I am beginning to gather quite a collection of heart shaped rocks--my first one was found in Canada this summer. You started me doing this because I was so taken by your collection. Aren't they amazing?

  12. What a wonderful heart rock collection. I have found only one and I treasure it. I can't imagine finding so many. We don't have many rocks over here in SW INdiana. I usually am looking down when we travel. Thanks for sharing your collection.

  13. Hi Susan, this is an old post, but just wanted to comment and say your collection of heart-shaped rocks has inspired me to make my own collection! I have about eight so far :) I'm going to make some sort of rock display from them one day, when I have my own farm.


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