Wednesday, March 26

3/26/08: Daily Dose Of Cute

Charlotte & Her Baby Girl

Our sheep are mostly Suffolk, a breed distinguished by their black legs and heads. Their lambs are often born covered in spots or are even entirely black, but the colors quickly fade in the sunlight. For example, Cary (who is doing great by the way) was all black as a baby. Our only black lambs that remain black (or brown or grey) are those that are related to the ewes in my original flock, which were bred to a black Border Leicester ram. I have a soft spot in my heart for the true black sheep, and I absolutely love the Suffolk spots, which I enjoy while they last!

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  1. Cute!!! Love the daily dose of cute.....keep 'em coming!

  2. I love the chocolate chip babies you have! Definitely a nice big Awwwwww. Glad the sun is shining and the sheep are birthing now. What happened to the one who had her water break prematurely?

  3. So the spots fade? Bummer! I was hoping they'd stay - the Farm has a few ewe lambs with spots and Arthur Godfrey has big splotches and we were hoping for multi-color in their fleeces! Although Tootie Sootie is very black and we will be moving her here to Ash Lane Farm this summer.

    Thanks for all your pictures - they are so great!

  4. Aww, too cute. When our first Suffolk/Rambouillet lambs were born last spring, I wasn't expecting spots...but they were delightful! Thanks for sharing your sweet lambies.

  5. Well I am super happy it's spring there so that I can get my daily dose of cuteness. I so look forward to see the new babies at the farm. Can anything get more cute??f

  6. Love the pics and glad Cary is doing well...

  7. I needed that! Thank you - a visit here always improves my day.

  8. Adorable lambs! I can't wait for our own ewes to start!

    The spots are precious!


  9. Their coloring always reminds me of Siamese cats -- the dark points and the white/cream body.

  10. Hehe, I love the lamb's ears!! So cute!

  11. Hi Farmgirl!
    So I hate to sound like the naive city girl that I am, but do sheep and their lambies settle down together for a photo op like that on their own? Or did you pose them? And is that pile of BB-gun-pellet-looking stuff really.... poop??

    Well, since you've expressed interest in black lambies, take a look at cute overload's recent posting:

    Actually, I found your blog through CO more than a year ago with the pictures of the baby, strawberry-eating turtle. That was right about the time baby Cary was born and I was hooked after reading your Tiny Tailio for Mother's Day post. :)

  12. Too cute! We could all use a little dose of cuteness in our day! Keep them coming:)

  13. hi susan...
    wondering if CARY is showing any interest in the other newborns? or is she now just going about her normal "cary" business?

    LOVE my daily dose of cute...


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