Saturday, March 8

Farm Photo 3/8/08: My Hearts Overfloweth

Heart As Art

The little stone ledge next to the front door of The Shack is now piled high with over 200 heart shaped rocks, yet I can't stop picking them up. I continue to find a new one at least every day or two, so I've started leaving them tucked in various places around the farm. This one is sitting on the rickety old loading chute by the barn.

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  1. It is amazing how you keep finding those heart shaped rocks!


  2. You have ME looking for these now! I was at one of our newer shopping areas (the kind where the stores are not in mall but nicely lined up like a small town main street). It's beautifully landscaped and, as I headed for my car last week, I looked down and saw this almost perfectly heart shaped rock about the size of my palm. I almost picked it up and made off with it (to start my collection) but at the last minute I decided they probably wouldn't like me making off with their pricey landscaping material...*sigh* Have a great Sunday...


  3. YOu could be really goofy and name some of your breads We Heart Rye or We Heart Cinnamon Raisins - with a picture of the window ledge at the shack on the labels I'm just winging it here (obviously I'm not a marketing genius or I would have a box of the stuff that didn't sell in my ill fated country gift shop!) But it is beautiful - love love love - all we need is --- etc.

  4. Is it just me or at first glance did anyone else think the pictured rock was a sheep half-scull skeleton? Yikes.

  5. I tried finding these and I must say, you must have developed an eye for these because I didn't find that many:)

  6. My mom has these lovely cement steps that someone years ago put pretty rocks in. I would love to have some cement steps with heart shaped rocks that I have found.

    I haven't found any yet, but it's good to have goals, right?


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