Thursday, March 6

Farm Photo 3/6/08: Do Chickens Ever Smile?

This one doesn't.

Back on Valentine's Day I launched into an impromptu little garden clean-up in the greenhouse, deciding on a whim to clear out my scraggly looking, previously frozen, cat-flattened, permanent arugula bed in order to make way for new spring planting.

I gave an entire bucket of fairly nice arugula scraps to the chickens, figuring they would
be thrilled to have some freshly picked greens. Whitey most definitely was not. I think she'd been expecting a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

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  1. Whitey is Awesome!


  2. She may not ever smile, but she does have a content, mothers-glow look to her stance.

  3. Whitey must be setting some age record for hens - she has been pecking for some time now hasn't she? Guess she was feeling a bit deprived when you fed the arugula - her adopted brood all grown up.

  4. I love it. That's happened to me several times too...I take something out to the chickens that I think will be some glorious treat, toss it to them and they look at me like "we're supposed to EAT this?" Finicky girls. ; )

  5. I love a chicken with an attitude!!

  6. Thanks for a chicken posting. I love the chickens!

  7. Hmm, try the scraps in a heart shaped bucket next time. Whitey is non to subtle in her non verbal skills :)

  8. Yes, animals really do have facial expressions. I still laugh at the post of the sheep in the snowstorm, totally unthrilled with the situation.

  9. Just found your blog today - we've done a similar thing over here in the UK - only on a MUCH smaller scale!

    (we don't have that much land to spare being an island!)

    Very interesting reading, and very funny stories!


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