Sunday, March 2

Farm Photo 3/2/08:
How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?

A La Cart!

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where country life is crazy and so is the weather. Today it was a blustery, balmy, and bizarre 76 degrees. Tomorrow night and Tuesday we're expecting 4 to 6 7 to 8 inches of sleet and snow, with thunderstorms, flood warnings, and ice before that. Here we go again.


  1. A La Cart! Bwahaahaa! That's a good one!

  2. Ha ha! :)

    Seriously, their eyes are so pretty and gentle looking. I just want to pet their soft, fuzzy muzzles!

  3. Too funny! You crack me up. That's a good one! The donkeys do look very very fuzzy & soft.

  4. I never knew Donkeys could be so CUTE!!! I saw a Donkey the other day and thought of you!


  5. So my donkeys aren't the only ones who order in?

  6. LOL - I love that! even DH who is doing the end of the month books and not a happy camper laughed. We are experiencing a touch of the vile finger of winter again (yeah I've reached that point - I need me some springtime!) but hoping this is the last blast and we can move on to real life. Thanks for the donkey joke - classy donkeys since they don't order off the prix fixe huh?!

  7. Great picture. All the donkeys are so cute.
    Good luck with the weather.

  8. ROFL! BOOOOO!!! Shame on you! LOL

  9. It's nice to see them all together so you can see how different they really are. Do they come running when you "deliver" their food, or do they just kind of mosey-on over?

  10. Hi Susan! What a great pic of Dan and his friends.

    I enjoyed reading your post on lamb - we always say that our sheep are lucky because neither The Shepherd or I care for lamb
    so they don't have to worry about ending up in our freezer - the only time it becomes a problem is when there are too many little ramlings running around - but because ours are, like yours, raised with love and care, they are pretty easy to sell (people must make their own arrangements with the butcher tho)

    Hang in there - it may not seem like it but, spring's coming soon. T.

  11. I have a question - what do donkeys do on a farm? You seem to have a few, and I'm guessing they must do someting to earn their keep. I just can't figure out what that is!

  12. LOVE the picture! I often visit your site and admire it. You've done a beautiful job! Keep up the good work!

  13. They are so cute, I wish I could pet them!!!!

  14. What is it about these donkeys? They are always so derned cute!! I can't stand it - I want to pet them so badly. They probably aren't the petting kind I'll bet.

  15. Thanks for the early morning smile! love them!

  16. Groan!!! That's too funny!

  17. The donkeys are beautiful

  18. To answer quite contrary:

    Donkeys are used to guard sheep. THere are various dangers like wolves, coyotes, other people's domesticated dogs are a great danger even though people won't want to admit it but they pack up & kill for fun instead of food.

    Llamas are also guard animals.

    I have a donkey, a Guanaco, an Anatolian, my Tibetan Yaks & Highlands are also guard animals. There are two wolf packs on my property & they are also beautiful. As long as they stick to the small wildlife I'm ok.


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