Friday, March 28

3/28/08 Daily Dose Of Cute

Milk Face Baby

This little guy was born early Wednesday morning to a first time mother without any trouble at all, but he just didn't feel like nursing. He also didn't feel like drinking from a bottle, which is why most of the milk I tried to give him ended up all over his chin.

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  1. Awwww, not that is an adorable little face!

  2. Being a newborn ICU nurse, I am going 'oh,no he has to eat"!!! Have you tried a syringe and just squirt the milk in his mouth??? Sorry to be a worry wart...but I love all your babies from way down here...

  3. FG will he take to the mama after having a bottle? Seems like our goat babies must do one or the other - cannot figure out both sources of food. Are you able to milk your sheep so he got the colostrum? I'm so full of question doesn't it bug the crud out of you? ROFL - I'm so funny I hurt myself - not really. Great picture - he looks quite unsure of how he feels about this world so far!

  4. This would make a great "Got Milk" Ad. :)

  5. This would mak a great "Got Milk" ad. :)

  6. Darling!!!!

    xo CGF

    ps. Please do keep these gorgeous lamb photos coming...

  7. That's the cutest pic yet. Something about his stubby little legs. He looks stubborn already. :)

  8. Trouble drinking milk? If it was me I would add a little Nesquik,



  10. I love his little milk face!

  11. Awwww....that's it!!! I can't take it anymore! Well, almost. :) I just keep making and squeezing fists as I keep looking at your lamb pics! The dogs are scared to go near me, they're sick of being hugged and squeezed while I look at your photos! LOL Thanks always for those gorgeous pics!!

  12. I hope this adorable little one learns to nurse soon. I keep stopping in for the cuteness of lambing season!

  13. That lamb is almost as cute as one of my babies with milk all over her face. :)

    I found your blog recently while looking for a beer bread recipe (and by the way, yours was just what I was looking for--I've used up almost a whole pack of beer making it over and over again!). You are living my dream!! I would LOVE to have a farm and raise sheep someday!

    The lamb is very cute. Thank you for sharing so I can live vicariously through you! LOL

  14. So sweet! Like Beverly said - have you tried a syringe? I hope he gets hungry and eats soon!

    Love his coloring! I suppose he'll fade to white though?

  15. So cute! Your pictures remind me of farm life, and make me miss it!

  16. Please let us know when he starts eating. As a Grandpa, it is my job to worry about all the little ones.

  17. You are killing us with the cute, Susan. I just want to snuggle the adorable little things. All the little lambs. And the two other things, too.

  18. Very cute. I can't wait till we get our 4-H lambs next month. It always livens things up a bit here on the farm:)

  19. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all your comments. I'm so glad you're enjoying the daily doses of cute. I'm really hoping to keep up with posting them - it's not like there's any shortage of cuteness around here, and I always take way more photos than I share with you. : )

    As far as this little guy goes, I didn't mean to make some of you worry (Beverly, I tried to email you but the address blogger gave me wouldn't work). I should have made it more clear that he is doing just fine and started nursing on his own. He never would drink from a bottle, but I made sure to get some milk down him with a syringe (without the needle).

    I'm still supplementing him with squirts of very creamy milk (straight out of the cow down the road) just to make sure he keeps his energy up.

    What's interesting is that every time I give him the milk, he goes straight from me over to mom for a drink which is just what I want to see!

    Linda Sue,
    He definitely got some colostrum, though not as much as I would have liked. His mama didn't have a whole lot of milk at first, and I could only get a few drops at a time to come out when I tried milking her.

    What's interesting is that every time I give him the milk, he goes straight from me over to mom for a drink which is just what I want to see!

    Yellow Dog,
    Great to hear from you. You crack me up. That's all I need - a bunch of lambs addicted to flavored milk! ; )

    Thanks for letting me know you're enjoying my beer bread recipe so much!

    You're so sweet. Sorry I made you worry! ; )


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