Wednesday, March 12

Farm Photo 3/12/08: Cary Babies?

Room for two in there?

Wondering who Cary is? Meet her in
A Tiny Tail For Mother's Day.

Cary is a twin, and her father is a twin, so there's a good chance that Cary could have twins. This photo was taken back on Febrary 22nd, when I realized that Cary had begun to look wider than all of the other sheep.

More below. . .

There's definitely more of Cary than there was this time last year.

And now that she's been sheared. . .

It looks like there's a very good chance she could have twins.

Some of you might remember my mentioning in
December's Cary update that within 24 hours of putting Studly Do Right Jefferson in with the girls to do his One And Only Job last fall, he'd jumped Cary's bones - which means she'll be one of the first ewes to give birth this year. And it should happen any day now. I wonder if she'll hire The Nanny Bear to help out.

Pregnant pause

Don't worry - she's more excited than she looks.

NEWSFLASH! Make that should be any minute now. It's taken me a couple of days to get this post up, and meanwhile Cary has just gone into labor! Needless to say, we're both a little frantic. Cross your hooves and fingers everything goes okay!

Update: Sadly, Cary didn't have twins, and everything didn't go okay—though thankfully my baby is safe. You can read about what happened here.

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  1. I actually held my breath for a moment when I read the NEWSFLASH!

    Congratulations and Best Wishes to you/ewe all!

  2. Go CARY! yours will be the prettiest ewe or buck in the crowd - and maybe your babies get to visit the shack for snacks too? Exciting news - trust all goes well and we see some sweet young thangs soon.

  3. Go Cary! You can do it, girl! What a good mama she'll be.

  4. Oh how exciting! I LOVE CARY!! Wish I could have one of her babies.

  5. Good luck, congrats and don't take too long to post the photos!

  6. Oh, I just can't wait.

    There is nothing nicer than a sweet, bouncy lamb... except two of them.

    xo CGF

  7. How exciting!! I can hardly wait to see your little girl have her own little ones...

  8. Oh my...I cannot believe our baby is going to have a baby...I hope you will allow me to call her mine too.
    I am so excited. I love Cary....

  9. Oh honey! I have read every post about sweet Cary, and I'm praying for your little gal. Hope all goes well--I will be sure to check back for news of healthy babies!

  10. Oh, Oh, Oh, Go Cary - I hope everyone comes out healthy and happy! I'll have to remember to tell the kids in Sunday School, because they all remember the story of Cary from last spring.

    We have three ewes bred, but we won't have lambs for another month. T.

  11. Hope all goes well! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one(s)!!!

  12. This is the first time I comment, although have been reading your blog for a bit, and WOW! I hope the delivery goes well for Cary, and all the other ewes too, but WOW, you're gonna be a grandma! :) Wishing you, Cary and all the other expectant Moms lotsa luck!

  13. I wonder how many sheep have fans all over the world :-)
    Fingers, hooves and paws crossed here in Denmark //Tine

  14. Oh my goodness - how exciting! And just in the nick of time, she looks miserable - or is that just me projecting?

    I can't wait to see her babies - there's got to be two or it's the biggest little Easter lamb ever!

  15. Was wondering...what do the paint markings on their backsides symbolize? Was this a way for the sheerer to count, etc?

  16. Oh my goodness! Who'd have thought I'd be wringing my hands in nervousness over an "internet sheep"! Hope everything went well. I know from experience (well, with cow at least) that the new moms usually do better than we give them credit for. I'll be thinking of, um, "ewe"!

    *need a lamaz coach, girl?*

    holding my breath for the blessed event and sending positive labor and delivery karma your way...


  18. Please post pics of the lambs ASAP!!!


  19. Oh, that is such exciting news and thank you for the pregnant Cary photos.....I was just thinking about her the other day and cannot wait to see the babies and hear how Cary is doing as a mother. She has had such a great "mother" herself, that I am sure she will do just fine!

  20. I am sure that Cary will have some really wonderful lambies. I remember when she was just a lamb herself. Didn't seem like all that long ago. My how they grow up and think they don't need us anymore! Does she still come to the door for attention?

  21. Oh my, Oh my. Your Little Cary. **sending out good wishes to the new family**

  22. There is nothing quite like lambs popping about like popcorn in the spring! What fun, I am so happy for your family.

  23. Good luck Cary!
    Jemima Jones Beck


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