Friday, July 11

Friday Daily Dose of Cute: Up and Running

Maybe She Was Trying to Air Dry?

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where Dolores' new baby is named Esmeralda, and Daphne's new baby (pictured above) will be given an 'E' name, too (2004 was 'A' names, 2005 was 'B' names, etc.), but I wanted to see how she looked dry first — quite fluffy! As soon as she and Daphne stop hiding out from the heat in the dark and shady woods, I'll snap some more photos and show you what she really looks like.


  1. Congratulations, what wonderful birthday presents! I imagine the excitement that they're girls is because you can keep them and not sell them off for Daddy duties? How wonderful! And way to go, Dan. May I offer Emmeline as an "e" selection for Daphne's new baby? I love reading about your naming adventures!

  2. Can't believe how time has flown, Dinky being one year old and now the new girls when only yesterday Daffers & Dolly were just showing. Maybe donkey years are actually measured in weeks or something? I dunno.

    Anyway, having helped with Daphne (I think) I guess I am ruled out on the E name front. But what about Esther?

  3. I have taditionally celebrated my birth day a week before and a week after the actual day. So I find presents on the these days quite expecetd. Nice of the girls to pass the tradition on to you. The babies are adorable. Will you start working with them soon? What does Buddy Bear think of small equines. Or does he keep his distance? YOu guys are lucky, cute healthy youngsters!

  4. Ethel - name your newest little "e" series donkeyette Ethel Emma - that was my MIL's name and she was small and cute also!

  5. She would be a perfect Elizabeth. What a beauty.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Susan! And what sweet presents, these baby donkeys ;) We also are on an "E" year for baby names (lambs) So far my girls are Elizabeth, Esther, Ella, Erica, Eleanor, Emmy and Ember. Hmmm, I think "Eudora" might be a good baby donkey name (you know, like the author Eudora Welty?)

    Whatever name you chose will be perfect, I'm sure.

    Cary at Serenity Farms

  7. I think 2027 should be an interesting year..."x" names. I'm envisioning a greek theme.

  8. Awww, congrats to the whole donkey crew! So glad Daphne has had her adorable baby - and look at those long legs! Awww.

  9. I think she's sweet and old-fashioned looking... like an Esther or Elsie.


    How are the pups?

  10. E is for Escape Artist!
    or maybe just Escapade!

  11. Just love those donkeys...I hope there's no chance the coyotes will go after those sweet babies.

  12. This is the cutest Donkey I have ever seen.

  13. Given the amount of fun and trouble a little donkey could get herself into on your fantastic farm, what about "Eloise"?
    Thank you for the daily doses of cute. The recipes are great, but the photos are my favorite!
    Happy Birthday (belated)


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