Tuesday, July 8

Tuesday Farm Photo: Winged Spectacular

Just as Busy as the Bees

See the comments section for notes about my beloved point and shoot camera and how I took this photo (no technical expertise required!).

© Copyright 2008 FarmgirlFare.com, the award-winning blog where the echinacea is so popular we've been seeing pollinator pile ups on the brightly colored blooms — which are also called purple coneflowers but are actually quite pink.


  1. Stunning pics both days Susan. Can I be a bit nerdy and ask what camera/lense set up you used?

  2. I swear, that same butterfly was hanging out at my purple coneflowers a couple of days ago ;) I totally did a double take when I saw this photo on my feed reader--I thought that one of my blog posts had re-published itself somehow.

  3. are you still using the powershot? if so, how are you getting the macro to come out so nicely and the depth of field so shallow?!

  4. Lovely photo!! Really clean and crisp. I love cone flowers too!

  5. Those are great pictures! My coneflowers aren't blooming yet. Probably because we live in a different zone!

  6. Gorgeous. I love the pollinators. If my hollyhocks could survive the rabbits (they've been rough this year), we'd get pollinators galore.

  7. Another great pic! I let all my herbs set flowers even though all the garden books say not to. I leave the flowers because I love all the Bumble bees and Butterflies that visit.

  8. I have been lurking, and finally surfaced. I love your photos, and have enjoyed the past several posts very much. I am still amazed by the variety of things that grow and change in the "stodgy, boring, not sophisticated"( comments from west coast relatives) state of Missouri where we live. I love the wild life and the rural areas that are still prevalent. Every state has it pleasures and I miss the rural area of So Ca. I lived. But it wasn't going to stay rural, so it was time to leave my childhood home. But all change has it's numerous advantages, even when not planned. So thank you for a glimpse of your world, the food you eat. The ( VERY YUMMY) interesting recipes, and almost best of all the humor and kindness in which it is presented. Pat Dan and the girls, say hi to Carrie. Give Buddy Bear a hug. And tell your kitties there are several refuges in the middle of the state. They are waving from their newly secured home safe and sound.

  9. I am in awe of your fantastic photo!
    Thank you for sharing with others.

  10. Hi Everybody,
    Just a quick note to let you know I'll come back and reply to comments, including camera questions, hopefully tomorrow. Gotta enjoy the rest of my birthday before it's over! ; )

  11. Hi B and Anon,
    I'm still using my CanonPowershot A630 which I love. I've taken over 15,000 photos with it, and it's still going strong. This is my second Canon PowerShot, and I highly recommend them. There's a newer model of mine out, the CanonPowershot A650IS which has more MP and more zoom (and actually costs less), but I don't have any personal experience using it.

    I also highly recommend this Sony battery charger with batteries. I've been using mine for at least a couple of years. It works great, and the batteries last for several weeks even though I turn my camera on and off many times a day. There's a reason this has been the #1 seller on amazon for ages! I bought a couple packs of extra batteries so I have four extras ready to go when the current ones in the camera run down plus I use them in flashlights and other things. : )

    As for taking photos, one of the things I love about my camera is that it works great on the auto setting. There are a zillion features on the camera that I'm sure would give you much better photos, but honestly I don't have the patience (or brain power) to figure them out. I love that I can pull the camera out of its little case that is always hanging from my shoulder, turn it on, and snap a photo within a couple of seconds.

    For this butterfly photo I had it on the auto setting, clicking on the macro feature, then zoomed in. That's it! Cool, huh? : )

    Hi Meg,
    You're right - that does look like the same butterfly! : )

    Hi sas and Katherin and Barb,

    Hi Daisy,
    Oh, hollyhocks! I love them! And they even grow in our crazy climate! But for some reason I keep forgetting to plant them each year. They're just gorgeous - my definition of 'cottage garden' flowers. : )

    Hi Wendy,
    Forget the gardening books! Take the flowers and the pollinators instead! ; )

    Hi Andylynne,
    Yes, there is a wide variety of things that grow here, and it really is beautiful. Sometimes it's just hard to get the things you want to grow, though! : )

    Pats, hellos, and hugs all done! Hello to your new cats - I'm sure they're thrilled to have found a wonderful home with you. : )

  12. boy, you must have the firmest hands ever. when i try to use macro for shots, especially for insects that move fast, it alway scomes out blurry - any tricks??

  13. Hi WV,
    Don't worry, I have quite a few blurry photos, too. : ) But usually the bees and butterflies are pretty still when I take the photos, so them moving isn't a problem. Holding the camera still can be difficult, and many people advise/prefer using a tripod. I'm sure cameras vary, too, as far as how still you have to hold them. Personally I know I'd never bother with a tripod - and would probably miss most of these shots if I did. I so suppose I do have fairly steady hands - maybe it helps that I don't drink caffeine! : )

  14. Great shot! I'm mostly a lurker but this brought me out of my shell. My point and shoot is a Canon with the "IS" - image stabilization - and I highly recommend any "IS" Canon. I've been able to take pictures going down the highway (as a passenger) and have them come out clear!


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