Saturday, July 19

Saturday Farm Photo: Big Hearted

Love in the wet weather creek bed

And The Whole Picture

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©, the award-winning blog where you may not always see the whole picture, but Lucky Buddy Bear is usually in it — and it's always a good idea to sign up for the super duper extended coverage AAA membership when you live in the middle of nowhere, since yesterday we broke our previous 'farthest we've ever been towed home after breaking down' record of 100 miles by another 70 miles.

Yep, we rode 170 miles in a tow truck, and as he unloaded our pickup in front of The Shack, the driver announced that we'd won both the Longest Tow and Most Remote Location awards. He also asked if we'd ever seen the movie "Deliverance." I told him everybody asks us that. (I've never actually seen the movie — and have been told more than once I don't need to.)


  1. I love the pictures, and I can't decide which one I like best. Close up with heart-shaped leaves, or big picture with Buddy Bear?
    But as for Deliverance, as long as you don't hear banjors dueling, you're probably okay.

  2. How cool! My kids would love that.

  3. What a sweet idea, your heart rocks have warmed my heart!

  4. I've broken down in SW Missouri...twice (on the way back from Branson both times...I live in Arkansas) so I kinda know that tow truck. XXOOXX

  5. Do-do-dow-do-dow-do-dow-do-dow...

    I'm very astonished by your remote perseverance.
    I had a pizza from Lo Coco's the other day.

  6. Oh Susan,

    I'm so glad you have the extended AAA plan! We urbanites think our commutes are time-consuming. 170 miles in a tow truck--WOW! Glad you made it back to the "Shack"!


  7. Susan, check out Maggy Howarth's site Her work is amazing. Maybe you will find some ideas for those great stones.

  8. I can't believe there are so many heart shaped rocks. Now I find myself looking for them. How fun.

  9. Yay for Bear! Boo for getting towed that far.

  10. So cool- the heart shaped rocks.

    Too bad about the breakdown. No fun.

  11. I just love your blog! And just amazed at how many heart rocks you find. Hope you don't mind but i have been "picture saving " them. I don't do anything with them,just look at them. I just dream of a place~such as yours! They warm my heart., and bring a smile to my face.

  12. Wow on the pictures!
    And Wow on the tow!
    AAA has bailed me out a time or two - one of those things I will always renew.

  13. I've had that extended AAA tow thing for a long time. It has saved my butt several times. I've still never been towed as far as you have.

  14. Wow - 170 miles! That is amazing! AAA deserves some kind of award for that kind of towing - maybe some Farmgirl Fare cookies, muffins, bread or something!!! We've had to call AAA only on a rare occasion and 5 miles is about the limit - I'm totally impressed! AAA rocks!

    . . . and so does your blog! As I've said before - I love your blog! The heart rocks are perfect!


  15. I love heart rocks too. Whenever I see them I pick them up. My daughter does too. I have a lot of different sized ones. Thanks for sharing yours(-:

  16. I have never seen Heart shaped rocks before! I love all the pictures....

    Gotta love AAA. It is the one thing I always renew ASAP!

  17. I am also a lover of heart rocks. I live by Lake Superior in Minnesota and every weekend or so I take a two hour drive up the north shore to Grand Marais. Once you get there, there is a beach that I call the "Sea of Lost Hearts." It looks as though someone has dumped hearts all over and I enjoy finding them. Thanks for sharing with us all. Emily

  18. Hi there! :) I just searched Google for beer cheese bread and came across your blog. Thanks SO much for posting your beer bread recipe (and variations). Sounds SO yummy! I'm going to make some this week! BTW, that heart rock photo is AWESOME!!!

  19. What a great photo. I collect heart rocks, shells and wood....even my little granddaughter brings me heart shaped things she finds.

  20. I have just found your blog and wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I currently live in Missouri as well and have the mad passionate dream of someday giving up everything to go get a farm of my own. I also love your little sheep!

  21. I swear....those rocks must fall from the sky

  22. Whew! That's one heckuva long tow! I too have the AAA Super-Duper Package; my pickup's 17 years old. It's pretty dependable, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    The heart rocks and Bear are wonderful...thanks for making my evening!

  23. So the secret for finding so many heart rocks isn't good eye sight, it's Bear! Bear finds them and you take the credit. Bad. Very bad.

  24. Before I discovered your website, I thought I was the only one that collected heart-shaped rocks! My collection is small,just 20 or so...I am so jealous- your farm seems like a treasure trove! They're beautiful!! Please keep sharing them with much love!

  25. I just found your website and laughed when I saw that you collected heart rocks. I too started a collection of heart rocks three years ago and keep them on my kitchen windowsill. It always makes me happy when I look down and find a new treasure. My daughter, son and nieces have started finding heart rocks for my collection which makes that more special. Thank you for your beautiful pictures.

  26. I just came across your very nice site and was happily surprised to see that someone else loves heart-shaped rocks! I have some lined up on my kitchen window and have been meaning to post about them as they're just so neat. Have to go now and check out the rest of your heart links...thanks!


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