Sunday, July 6

Sunday Farm Photo: Been Busy

Abuzz With Activity

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  1. This is just a charming photo.

  2. Love those pollinators! Echinacea is so pretty - it grows along our culvert but NOT in my garden - echinacea is so stubborn.

  3. Love the sight of those bees! We lost most of ours last year in one of those strange hive collapses, and our squash crop was almost non-existent. This year I'm seeing a few, but am also doing a lot of hand pollinating. Sure miss the wee guys!

  4. I LOVE bumbles! Thank you for a lovely pic! Hope you're doing ok with the heat, it's raining and cold here in the Southern Hemisphere, time for minestrone, and I always make too much of it. :)

  5. I knew that bees love coneflower, but 3 at a time, wow!

  6. I've seen one or two honey bees this year. Thankfully, this situation seems to be paralleled by a surge in the bumble bee population -- I don't think I've ever seen so many.

  7. I'm something of a "farm girl" myself (also from Missouri), though now living on rural Martha's Vineyard. I'm also a publisher of a new cookbook called Table Talk: Food. Family. Love. A Cookbook. It's written by woman here who runs a very popular cafe on the Island called Espresso Love. BUT, not incidentally, she was a single mom who raised 5 kids -- and who believes we ought to get our kids back to our family table, with good, local foods. (Don't even think about buying that jar of pasta sauce!) I don't know if you ever accept posts about products, but this one's a beauty -- gorgeous photos of the farms and life on the Vineyard. I'd be happy to send you a review copy, if it interests you.

    Thank you.

    Jan Pogue
    Editor and Publisher
    Vineyard Stories
    508 221 2338

  8. I just spent the weekend with one of my son and his family in St Louis. As we drove I thought of you and wondered if I was passing by your place as we traveled...We went to botanic gardens and saw echinacea.

  9. what a gorgeous picture.

    good to know bees are not dying out everywhere... yet!!

  10. uglas0616This is not related to bees, but I was wondering if you might consider doing a squaw bread recipe on the 'A Year in Bread'? I love squaw bread and I've had a hard time finding a good recipe for it.

  11. Great photo! I love seeing macro photos of bees at work.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage


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