Tuesday, July 15

Tuesday Daily Dose of Cute:
How to Cool Off in the Middle of a Hot Field

Return of the Water Babies (aka Marta and Lottie)

Want to see more puppy pics?
4/27/08: Woof! Woof!
4/28/08: Meet and Greet with Cary
4/29/08: Marta Ready for Her Close Up
4/30/08: Bear Doesn't Play
5/3/08: Day Two - Pups on Patrol
5/7/08: All Day Hay Buffet
5/8/08: Lamb Crossing - Don't Mind the Puppies
5/9/08: In the Dog House?
5/10/08: Fiber Deficiency?
5/15/08: Pup & Robin
5/16/08: Splish Splash!
5/22/08: Off Duty (Very Off Duty)
5/24/08: On Duty or Off Duty?
5/29/08: Tug-O-War
6/24/08: Sisters in Paws

© Copyright 2008 FarmgirlFare.com, the award-winning blog where (finally!) both fluffy white livestock guardian pups (who are a Great Pyrenees, Komondor, and Anatolian Shepherd cross — and are getting huge) have names! Lottie actually got hers a few weeks after arriving on the farm back in March, and right from the start we wanted to call the other one Clare, but that rhymes with Bear and — um, we'd better sign off before we break into showtunes.


  1. They are just so cute! :-)

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Adorable! Look how happy that pup is!

  3. Way to keep cool, Martha and Lottie! I love their names. And when they're wet they don't look quite as big. O.K. still big, but not as puffy.

  4. Sorry - MarTa. Not Martha. Even better, I had a great friend, with fantastically thick hair at college named Marta. I don't know how she always managed it so.

  5. There's a sheep in that photo with brown splodgy markings like chocolate chip icecream! Gorgeous!

  6. So sweet! Though I see you saying a lot of Marty and Lotta... I mean, Marta and Lottie :)

  7. I like the names! Marta is nicer than Martha, I think! (But ask my granddaughter, Bubba - she likes MarTHa!)

    Nice picture of soggy doggies!

  8. I think you may have burned my retinas with the cuteness.

  9. Mmmm, dog flavored water. Crisp, well rounded, with just a hint of flea spray. Those sheep of yours are so spoiled!

  10. I love the shading on the pup - the pure white where the water has been spraying, the slightly dirtier gray around that and the oh-so-filthy face! But you know what? Clean, dirty, soaking wet...they are so darned cute!

  11. How cute, and what great names.

  12. Despite not leaving comments, I do still come by and read about the summer camp activities! Looks like swimming is one of them.

  13. Ohhhh, how I love The Music Man!

    Yeah, you got Doggies
    Right here on your farm!
    That's a capital D, a great big D
    And that stands for Drool!

    No, really, I'm OK now. And your sheepies and semi-puppies are adorable, as always.

  14. How sweet! It has been hot here too.

  15. These all pictures are so cute and adorable,I liked them all.


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