Wednesday, July 30

Wednesday Farm Photo: Super Market

Local Amish Front Yard Produce Stand

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where the only thing better than 25 cent freshly picked cucumbers and containers of little ones for a dollar (besides growing and picking them yourself of course) is when you stop to get the mail at your postage stamp-sized post office on the way to pick up your locally raised, 270-pound hog at the Mennonite meat processor and the substitute postmistress asks if you need any cucumbers, and when you say, "Do you have some?" she smiles, holds up a plastic bag, and says brightly, "Three left, just for you—and they're even the burpless kind!"


  1. Haha! I'm already *drowning* in cucumbers (of the pickling variety)...

  2. You have wonderfuly described the heart of why I love living in rural Missouri.

  3. I love sharing.
    Anyone need some pears? :)

  4. Now THAT is a super supermarket. would love some of those cukes - mine were raccooned - little bandits destroyed the plants even! Nothing as yummy as fresh crisp cukes with a splash of vinegar and salt and peppa - now that is gourmet!

  5. Gardeners are such great people!

  6. I love summer. I love fresh vegetables. i love your pictures!

  7. Send all your leftovers to me. I've got nothing but basil and mint. The squirrels and chipmunks ate everything else.

  8. I love sharing, too! But our garden is running pretty slow this year - we just have tiny cucumbers and the tomatoes are tiny and green, still.

    But this is another reason why I love being in the country!

  9. I've been up until the wee hours every night this week, making pickles. My cucumber plants are producing like crazy! I've even pickled the last of the asparagus and some peppers.

    The melons in Indiana home gardens are still months away from being ripe. In between the cherry/berry season and the melon season, I have to settle for (Ha! settle for!) Georgia peaches from the fruit stand for dessert. Not a hardship. I'm on my fourth or fifth peach cobbler.

  10. That's it, I'm coming over to visit. I have been trying so hard to get some fresh, locally grown, produce but I've had no luck. Even the roadside stands are selling fruit with stickers on them!

    I can trade you some cherry tomatos for anything that can go in a pie.

  11. Just found your blog, I am going to enjoy reading this. Stop by my blog, that I am just starting. Hopfully someday it will be as interesting as yours.

  12. Now that is the best tale of all! You are so very lucky! I live in the country vicariously through you. Ha! Ha!

  13. i've always wondered...

    i know that in your CA life you were in graphic design. but what brings in the bucks now? does farming and bread-baking cover all your needs or do you do something else on the side? farming looks like it takes up all your time and then some, so i'm assuming you're not working a 9-5.

    just curious - love love this site.

  14. Love that.

    We don't have quite the same sense of community here in urban America, but every now and again I'm surprised by someone's generosity.

    Like when the farmer at the farmer's market recognizes me from week to week and saves me a particularly delectable bunch of greens...


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