Friday, October 17

Friday Daily Dose of Cute: Baby Love?

Or Just Pestering Mom?

I'll Let You Decide

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Donkey Photos
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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where baby Evie did indeed chomp down on Daphne's ear right after that last photo was taken—and we've decided that, besides being incredibly cute and entertaining, Evie's antics are the perfect payback for all the times Daphne has gotten into mischief.


  1. I bet Daphne would have a few things to say in response to that question . . .

  2. I read your blog daily but I don't know that I've ever commented - shame on me, I know! But I had to say that first picture is just PRECIOUS!!!

  3. Somewhere between adorable and agony - poor Daphne - anybody biting yer ears is painful! Evie is just too cute - does she already make a nice loud sound? Thanks for the cuteness - I needed that!

  4. I check out your blog almost every day for pictures of your lovely animals. They are delightful. This baby donkey with mommy is so sweet.

  5. How cute!!! Sooo fuzzy and soft looking, yummy and cute. Naughty little thing.

  6. Ohhhh makes me want one! They are just too darn cute, seriouly if I didn't already have too many animals I would have to get one! Thanks for sharing, Kim

  7. It was a love bite. Even I could see this. That sweet thing would never, ever bite her mom.

    Great photos and the subjects were perfection.

  8. I have to agree - with Love Bite... :) Pestering but with love... :)

  9. Oooooohhhhhh! Your animals are killing me with all their cuteness! Your pictures of them are just too adorable! You know, I want (need?!?) a donkey!! Since that's just not possible, thanks for sharing yours with the rest of us.

  10. This brings a tear to my eye it's so adorable :).

  11. That is the most truly hilarious donkey picture I've seen yet!

  12. So much little donkey cuteness! Oh my goodness.

  13. That is SO cute.


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