Tuesday, October 7

Tuesday Daily Dose of Cute: Hey Good Lookin'

Lucky Buddy Bear in the Creekbed

© Copyright 2008 FarmgirlFare.com, the award-winning blog where our stockdog Bear is half Australian Shepherd, half English Shepherd, and 100% Extremely Jealous Attention Hound. No matter where you are on the farm, if you bend down to pet somebody (dog, cat, sheep, little lamb, baby donkey—doesn't make a difference) he instantly appears and puts his wiggling, excited self smack in the middle of the love.


  1. Oh but Bear is so pretty. What a great looking dog.

  2. I hesitate to say Bear is an attention hound - he is thoughtful and doesn't want you to have to go seek him out for his share of lovin' - he brings himself right TO the attention getting spot. It is all in perspective you know - to one it might appear pushy - to another it is just reasonable. I'm with ya Buddy Bear - put yourself where the action IS! He is a beautiful dog - no doubt about it!

  3. AS WELL HE SHOULD. You tell Bear he can come to me anytime for all the lovin' he can handle.

  4. Bear is one beautiful dog! Look at the gorgeous coat and the pretty markings - who wouldn't love him? He deserves all the attention he can get!

    Give him a hug and a pet from me.

  5. I'm glad that he's not the only dog that does that. I was starting to think our pooch was a little extra weird. Whenever I try to pet the cat, hug Bubba or basically coo over anything (sometimes this is just the tomatoes I brought in from the garden), Jada comes running over to squeeze between me and my object of affection.

    Bear's so cute. Look at those ears!

  6. But does he get jealous when you tie your shoes? My rabbit does. She thinks we're "petting" our shoes and she wants the attention.

  7. It's me again! Just look at Bear's face - it's like he's wearing one of those masks that just cover up the eye area (early Halloween costume???) He is really a beautiful boy!

  8. Bear looks fantastic in this photo. Did he just get a bath, cause his coat is so soft looking.

  9. Hey...I thought that work dogs weren't supposed to like pets and scritches. Or is it that you're not supposed to snuggle work dogs while they're working?

    And me, I'd be snuggling baby donkeys all day long, if I had some at my place. :-)

  10. Cute blog! Think I've been here and said that before!

    Happy Thursday Gal!

    I'll be back! ;-)

  11. Just wanted to say your blog is wonderful, soothing to read. And your farm is oh so beautiful!

    Maegan :)

  12. really good looking dog

  13. Hi Everybody,
    I should have known you'd all think it perfectly acceptable for Bear to be 100% Attention Hound. I'd better not tell him he has so many devoted fans or it'll go to his head! ; )

    Hi Finny,
    I'm sure if I cooed over tomatoes loudly enough, Bear would come running. Ha, maybe I'll try it. ; )

    He does have great ears doesn't he? Most of the time he keeps them down, and I can only snap a picture of them up if he doesn't realize I have the camera pointed at him - because otherwise he puts them down!

    Hi Daisy,
    LOL, you've got us beat with the shoelace thing. Your rabbits crack me up.

    Hi CJ,
    Believe it or not, Bear has never had a bath in his life! He's a special kind of Self Cleaning Dog. I didn't believe it at first when Joe told me, but it's true. Bear can't stand it when his coat is dirty or his fur is full of burrs. I actually thought he'd been beaten once (and I took photos to prove it) because he was literally full of little sticker burr things. Hundreds of them. I tried to take a brush to him but it was useless. It was driving him nuts looking like that, and sure enough, the next day he was completely clean! I have no idea how he did it.

    He gets lots of raw farm eggs, too, which help keep his coat nice and shiny. : )

    Hi Miss Kitty,
    Okay here's the deal (at least around our farm) with the working dogs getting hugs and pets. The livestock guardian dogs didn't get a whole lot of snuggles and pets (though they did get some!) when they were fluffy little pups because they needed to bond with the sheep and not become - as a friend puts it - giant (useless) porch puppies. The guard dogs live with the sheep.

    But Bear is different. Bear is a stockdog, which means he works with the livestock but doesn't stay with them and guard them. If I'm out in the field moving electric sheep fence for 3 hours, he'll be out there the entire time, but as soon as I head back to the house he does, too.

    Bear likes to stay busy, and while he'd happily sit and let you pet him for an hour, there is no amount of loving that will keep him from wanting to work. Which means he's free to try to get as much attention as he can!

  14. very cute dog. very good looking dog

  15. ROFL! He's very beautiful though!


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