Saturday, October 4

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute: Cleanup Crew

Will Work for

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where people often ask if our donkeys do anything besides look cute. The answer is sort of. The idea was that they would help protect the sheep by chasing off the coyotes, but as Joe puts it, now that we have a whole herd of donkeys, they pretty much just like to protect each other. They do eat a lot of weeds and brush that the sheep don't care for. And of course their entertainment value is priceless. Besides, you know how far cute goes in my book.


  1. Pretty cute they are. How do they protect the sheep? They just do not look mean...but I bet they have a mean kick!

  2. Boy, they sure grow up fast!

    What a great picture.

  3. too cute - too cute baby - got to run for shelter got to run for shade (to be sung to the melody of too hot baby) just a little disco tune for the donkettes! They are adorable - it is like my goat addiction - they really aren't much good but which one would I get rid of?? Yep - cute goes a really long way

  4. Cute can you take you everywhere - at least your cutie pie donkeys, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens - well, all of the animals!

    Seriously, that picture looks like it belongs in a story book! It is so precious!

  5. That is a daily dose of cute. Thank you.~~Dee

  6. Nice clean up crew you got there.

  7. they really sure grow up fast


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