Wednesday, October 15

Wednesday Farm Photo: October Feast

Lucky Cherry Enjoys a Little Lunch While I Enjoy the View

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where we're not yet sure how spectacular the 2008 leaf changing show is going to be, and we're also not sure if sheep notice (or care about) the gorgeous colors of fall, but we certainly do. October is one of the best months on the farm. Does it look like autumn where you are yet?


  1. We're in full autumn color here in our part of New England! It's that moment just before the leaves start to fall. I love to see what you're up to. Thanks!

  2. No, it doesn't look like fall yet here in south Louisiana. The temperature has been in the low 80's, but are expecting a cool front later today. We don't usually have much fall color down here.

  3. It's definitely 'fall' (in every sense of the word) in s.e. Michigan - truly beautiful, and going fast! We have to enjoy it while we can - including cleaning up and raking the leaves. The color is such a treat - one of my most favorite seasons of the year!!
    Happy Fall!

    I'm looking forward to your autumn farm pictures again this year - thanks, Susan!

  4. It does look like a normal North Texas autumn - leaves turning brown and falling - the wild sumac does turn an incredible burgundy red and there are enough specimen trees planted near houses so we see some "fall color" - most typical fall color example is all the beautiful apples at Central Market - apple crisp for dessert tonight!

  5. Our trees have changed colors and we have a lot of leaves on the ground. It truly IS autumn, here, and it it my second favorite time, after Spring.

    Happy Autumn, with all the joys it brings!

  6. Our 1 day of autumn hasn't come yet. It's still sunny here in the central valley in California. The only thing I'm raking is feathers - the chickens all molted last week.

  7. Hey Susan, yep Autumn is here (pop on over for sneak peak) but the leaves I shot last weekend are already on the floor, they seem to hang on less and less each year. I guess the coastal winds are just too much.

    Loving all your scenes as ever, glad you're enjoying the October sunshine. XX

  8. It's loverly here in Minnesota! Gorgeous. Every year, I'm just amazed.

    I love the change of seasons.

    Beautiful photo, as usual.

  9. Not only does it LOOK like autumn (yay!), but it SOUNDS like autumn, what with the constant artillery fire of the black walnuts raining down. It's dangerous out there. And messy.

  10. I just want you to know that here in Terra Linda it IS fall. Mild, warm, slanty sun. Tomatoes giving up; mornings dark.

  11. In Connecticut, fall is coming fast. The extra 14 inches of rain may have caused all of our tomatoes to burst open, but they still taste great. Pumpkins and wild fox and concord grapes also suffered, but can be found if you look hard. The air is crisping, the apples are ripe, I love autumn. Karen

  12. Fall is here in NJ. It is beautiful today, very sunny and about 54. I love this fall weather with the crisp cold nights. Great photo of the sheep.

  13. Kentucky is too dry and brown, but I am in NY for the Sheep and Wool Festival and the leaves here are beautiful!

  14. What a beautiful creature Lucky Cherry is. You've been randomly egged with a meme, of which feel free to ignore!


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