Sunday, October 26

Sunday Daily Dose of Cute: Mostly Marta

She's Growing Up, but She's Still a
Water Baby

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where yes, I did in fact name Marta after the main character in my second favorite movie (the first is "Out of Africa"), a quiet little German gem called "Mostly Martha" (pronounced Marta in German). I've watched this movie numerous times and think every single thing about it is wonderful, including of course that it's all about food. Unless you're trying to eat dinner while watching it, you barely even realize you're reading subtitles. Last week I took my chances and bought a used copy of the American remake, "No Reservations," despite it's poor reviews, since I love "Mostly Martha" so much and am a Catherine Zeta-Jones fan, but I turned it off before it was halfway over. I highly recommend the original!


  1. Yes, Mostly Martha is a gem. Other food movies I've adored include Tampopo, Big Night, and Ermo. Tampopo is by far my favorite of the lot, but Mostly Martha is a solid entry in this list.

  2. I love Marta (the dog, not the movie). I've never seen the original or the remake.

    So what was the new animal you got over the summer? Did I miss the announcement?

  3. No Reservation! I count that in my top 10 of movies that I would never ever see again and not recommend to anyone! It was just bad!

  4. Wonderful big drippy dog! Yes the movie No Reservation was so very bad - even the food wasn't very interesting.

  5. Is that a wolf in sheep's clothing? I love how some of the shepherd breeds are all white and woolly so they blend with the sheep.

  6. Hi Susan,
    I just had to let you know that your recipes are simply the best! It all started when I found your blog looking for a pita bread recipe. I'd never made any sort of bread before, but they turned out puffed and tasty. Since then I've made several batches of your basil pesto, fiesta cottage cheese dip, tomato-pesto pizza, pear-ginger muffins, banana-blueberry muffins, and the double-strength whole grain oatmeal bread. I now have a pizza stone, digital scale, and bench scraper just like the pros (but no sheep or baby donkeys). I love all the wholesome, healthy ideas you’ve shared & can’t wait to try more, more, more. Thanks so much.
    P.S. And your pictures are so adorable. Makes me wish I had a donkey.

  7. Marta (the dog) is a beauty! All your dogs are so great!

    And to Jenny in the Comments above me, if you get a chance try baking Susan's Farmhouse White Bread - it is wonderful!!! My brother has made it many times now and I've been the lucky recipient of a loaf on occasion - it really is the best homemade white bread! And then when it's toasted...well, it's just heaven!!!

  8. I decided to watch No Reservation ("free"--on HBO) and partway through decided to view it as a movie all its own, not related to Mostly Martha at all. That way it was just a cute dumb movie instead of a badly made remake.

    That being said, Mostly Martha is one of my absolute favorites. Try Eat Drink Man Woman too!

  9. Love Marta, she looks totally rotten in that water!

    And Mostly Martha!!! Another good foodish movie is My Mother's Wedding(which I can't find by googling). I love Pauline and Paulette too but there isn't a whole lot of food just lots of old lady sisters.


  10. I'm almost a little embarassed to admit that I found "No Reservations" rather entertaining, although far from Oscar material. Possibly because I haven't yet seen "Mostly Martha" yet (must check it out!).


  11. Only one big white sheepdog pup?
    We moved during late summer and finally have internet use again. What a lot I must have missed.

  12. Marta is gorgeous, even if she barks all night! And "Mostly Martha" is my FAVORITE movie! Not the American one, the German one that shows people in all their messy, ordinary splendor.


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