Saturday, October 18

Saturday Daily Dose of Cute:
Getting to Know You (Come On, Sing Along!)

Getting to Know All About You

© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where stock dog Lucky Buddy Bear (who is half English Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd) knows that one of the most important parts of his job is to sit back and let the farm animals inspect him. He also knows that patience is a very handy virtue. Oh, and Evie looks a little bit odd because she's wet from munching grass that's covered with thick morning dew. Esmeralda isn't as fluffy so she doesn't get quite as damp—or else she's just learned how to eat without getting soggy.


  1. Funny how the two donkettes look so different! Yep Buddy Bear will be Mr. Congeniality in any contest

  2. I feel like I'm asking a personal question, but I'll go ahead and ask anyways- do your little girls have lice or are they still working on their winter coats? Looks like there's some fur missing in your photos...

  3. BEEAARR!!! I assume he doesn't try to lick their faces and wrestle with them? Like my dog does with every (domesticated) animal she meets. It's nice she's so friendly to them all (except the chickens . . .), but she really needs to learn that cats don't like wrestling. I'm sure Bear already knows this, perfect gentleman that he is. Perhaps he could come visit us and tutor our dogs? You ask him.

  4. This is the best picture ever....I am a frequent visitor but not so frequent commenter....enjoy your site.

  5. I love all your animals but have a really soft spot for those's daddy Dan doing these days?

  6. love the pictures....they look so hugable...

  7. I just found myself sent back here from David Lebovitz. I was reading his "how to make Cottage Cheese" post and he suggests to send the whey to you! What do you do with it?

  8. Ahhh, so sweet! Love the bad that song in now firmly stuck in my head, lol! Guess there could be worse songs rattling around in there!

  9. Get ready, Farmgirl: I'm moving to Missouri to start my new job as baby donkey snuggler. :-)

  10. I havnt seen such a nice picture

  11. I particularly like Miss Kitty's comment about 'moving to Missouri to start a new job as baby donkey snuggler'. Only I first read it as 'smuggler'!! Ha! Ha! Those donkeys are so cute I want to
    'smuggle' them off to my house!

    That really is one of the cutest pictures - love it!

  12. LOL @ Barb! Hahahaaaaaaa! I too could "smuggle" some baby donkeys home to my house! :-P

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the fun comments. You know I always love hearing from you!

    Hi talkingmute12,
    No worries, the baby donkey girls don't have lice (do donkeys get lice?). They do have less fur on their necks than their bodies, and it's more pronounced on the babies than the adults. The fur on both their necks is also variegated - and Evie (on the right) is wet in places in this photo. : )

    Hi Angela,
    Donkey Doodle Dandy is doing great - thanks for asking! He's so funny because he hangs out with all the girls, but at the same time he keeps a little distance. Dan The Man. ; )

    Hi CJ,
    How funny you circled around to here from that cottage cheese post. David was just having fun, but I do plan to start making my own cottage cheese one of these days. I'll probably give the whey to the chickens, but you can use it for all sorts of things like making bread.

    Hi Miss Kitty & Barb,
    I loved the donkey snuggler comment, and then the donkey smuggler cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh, ladies. Though in all seriousness, Miss Kitty, I bet Myrtle Mae would enjoy a little donkey company. My chickens love it when the donkeys hang out with them. : )

  14. Hi Kristin,
    Didn't mean to skip you there. I'll ask Bear, but if the truth be told, he has been known to play a pretty playful game of Pounce on the Pussycat with Farm Boss Patchy Cat - who definitely holds his own, and I think even likes it, but it does look odd to see Bear launching himself onto a cat. : )


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