Thursday, October 23

Thursday Daily Dose of Cute: Snuggled Up in Blue

Feeling Cozy & Safe - Or Just Continuing the Boat Theme?

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© Copyright 2008, the award-winning blog where we're gearing up for sheep breeding season 2008—which means lambing season 2009 is already on our minds (and will begin approximately five months after breeding season starts). Meanwhile here's a little look back at lambing season 2008—because cute baby lamb photos are always in season.


  1. I hate to ask this, but I really need to know, do the black lambs stay black? I hope so.

  2. Breeding season already? Wow. Time flies.

    Great photo, I love the little black sheep.

  3. That is for sure a double dose of cute.

  4. I'm just glad to see that you NOW know what cases lambing season.

    kidding aside I hope you have a fruitful spring.

    give Cary a hug, if she lets you.


  5. Those are awfully darned cute! I could use something snuggly while my arm heals.

  6. Wow, cute.

    I'm a city person; it's odd for me to look at that pic and realize that they've both probably become dinner for someone. Cute dinner, though.

  7. My, what big ears you have, my dear . . .

    We're about ready to move our ram in with the ewes. It will be a great relief to him, I'm sure.

  8. Adorable-I just came across on your blog and will be adding you to my favs. I am a farm girl myself.

  9. Ah breeding season - the 3 weeks out of a year my goat does think the buck is worth a second glance. They will literally line up in the pasture! Glad they don't realize when birthing comes around what caused it. Adorable lambs - I do love those horizontal ears!

  10. Wow ! Here were I live I never see black lambs. Those are cute, sure !

  11. What a couple of cuties! Nothing sweeter than a baby animal...well except maybe a baby person!

  12. Hi Everybody - and welcome new visitors and commenters!
    I'm so glad you're loving this picture as much as I do. I've been sorting through a zillion old photo files and as soon as I saw this one, I made it my desktop background. Then the next day I thought, this needs to be seen - who cares if these babies aren't babies anymore! : )

    Hi Pamcake,
    Most of our sheep are Suffolk, which is a meat breed known for their black faces and black legs (and coarse wool mostly good for making blankets rather than soft garments). A lot of Suffolk lambs are born all black, but then they quickly fade to white.

    If you look at the lamb on the left, you can see that it looks kind of white underneath compared to the lamb on the right. I don't know for sure which lamb this is, but it probably stayed black - though their wool does bleach to brown in the sun.

    I have a soft spot for the black sheep, and you can read more about their coloring (and see some sheep shearing pictures) in this black sheep post.

    Hi Yellow Dog!
    Always great to hear from you. Okay, so this morning Cary (who has grown into a very big girl!) let me pet her - but only because she was sitting down busy chewing her cud. No hug, but I'll keep trying. ; )

    Hi Anon,
    You brought up something a lot of people ask me about - or don't like to ask about. None of our 2008 lambs have become anyone's dinner yet, but you're right, some of them will. (Since we're getting fewer and fewer pure black sheep I may have to hold this one back even though he's a 'useless' boy because I love the black ones so much - just don't tell Joe because I might be able to sneak it by as a girl for a while - that wool hides a lot. As long as he doesn't see it pee - girls squat, guys just stand there - I have a chance. ; )

    As for eating these cute animals (who aren't quite as darling when they're 130 pounds), it did take me a while to get used to the idea, but because I know what happy, healthy, stress-free, all natural (and often spoiled!) lives my animals lead, I would rather have my meat come from animals I know and raised myself than from anywhere else. And of course it tastes delicious!

    Hi LindaSue,
    Those horizontal ears never fail to crack me up, especially when you're looking at dozens of them. So cute!


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