Friday, March 19

Friday Dose of Cute: New Kids on the Block

Audrey's twins 1
Audrey Had Twins Yesterday! (Meet new flock member Audrey here)

Audrey's twins 2
About One Hour Old

Audrey's twins 3
The Little Girl is in Front, the Big Boy is in Back

Audrey's twins 4
I Love All Those Little Spots!

Audrey's twins 5
Being Born Is Exhausting

Current baby lamb count: 4 (two boys and two girls). Current baby chick count: 3 (hopefully all girls because we don't need any more roosters). Number of onion plants and lettuce seeds that went into the kitchen garden as per today's plan? That would be a big fat zero. Fortunately all the cute makes up for it—until you get hungry of course.

Just joining us for lambing season 2010?

© Copyright 2010, the seriously spotted (and seriously cuddly) foodie farm blog where late in the evening, I often wonder just what I did all day, but during lambing season that answer is obvious—oohed and awed, snuggled and cuddled, and tried to get uncooperative babies to pose for decent pictures.


  1. Awww.....sooooo super cute! I love the black that shows up on their muzzles. Hope you have the same record you had last year--more girls than boys!

  2. So cute !!! Love the spots

  3. goodness gracious, they are so freakin cute! i want to snuggle them. :)
    happy first day of spring!

  4. absolutely cute - amazing charmers your new katahdin breeding is bringing to your flock - as one friend's daughter says - so smoochie!

  5. so so so adorable! i would want to hug them all day long!

  6. Looks like it's going to be a very busy spring on the farm for you - best wishes to you and thanks for sharing all of that adorableness with the rest of us. They really are too precious.

  7. Oh! How! Cute!!

    I had to bring my two boys by your site this morning to show them the adorable little new members of your farm!

    LOVE the little chick photo on the previous post! Too cute!

  8. This is so fun! I love checking back every day to see if you have more baby lambs. I don't think I would get anything done if they were mine. We have been enjoying your recipes alot too - thanks!!

  9. I love the pics of the babies! We raise Boer goats and just finished a stressful but rewarding kidding season.

  10. Oh I just ooohhhh and aaawwwww over here - your pics are soooooooo cute!!

    I wish you had a button that I could post on my blog --- hint hint

  11. Well, if it's not my namesake, Audrey. I'm one too! :-> She is gorgeous and so are her little babies. Thanks for your blog - I love visiting. And how is my favourite blog kitty, Topaz doing? You certainly have your work cut out for you on your farm. It's easy to tell you love every minute of it though!!! Tell Audrey that the "other" Audrey says hello!
    ~ Audrey ~


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