Sunday, March 28

Sunday Surprise Double Dose of Cute: A Sneak Peek

Eugenie and Her Newborn Twins
Eugenie, Her New Twins, and Bear (who loves lambing season)

More photos of these two little darlings soon. The plan was to actually put up a recipe post today—and I haven't completely given up hope yet!

© Copyright 2010, the ready or not, here they come foodie farm blog where lambing season has—a few days earlier than expected—officially begun! (Audrey's and Ava's lambs count of course, but we knew that these two recent, very pregnant additions to the flock would most likely give birth well before the rest of our ewes.)


  1. OMG, is it the light, or is that lamb brown with a white FACE?? Too cute!

  2. The doggie is already guarding them. Sweet!

  3. More lambs! Love it!! This is always such a treat!

  4. Awww i love the fluffy brown lambs adorable!

  5. As adorable and sweet are the lambs and their Mom, Bear is just as precious - what a total sweetheart! Happy lambing season to all of you!!

  6. Do the momma sheep know that Bear loves lambs for good reasons, and isn't thinking of them as a snack? Or are they thinking, "Get away from my baby or I'll head butt you into next week!"

    Just wondering if they get ancy or agitated when Bear is staring at them :)

  7. Oh my are they ever cute and what a wonderful dog.

  8. Just a question. With all the love you have for your flock, how do you ever part with any of them??????


  9. I've been checking out your gardening blog and came over here for a big dose of cuteness. How do you not spend all day wanting to just hold those little cuties?


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