Thursday, March 4

Thursday Dose of Cute: Hey! You Forgot Our Treats!



Sorry, kids, just homegrown hay tonight. But you love it:
First You Have to Put Up the Hay
3/11/06: Oh, Just Take A Seat Anywhere
A Whole New Way to Start the Day
I Told You They Have No Manners

How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?
3/7/08: Waiting for Lunch (on Top of Breakfast)
3/26/08: Donkey Dietary Habits
Cary is Too Hungry to Say Hi
Daily Dose of Cute: All Day Hay Buffet
Daily Dose of Cute: Back in the Hay Day
Sheep Gone Wild!

Feeding Frenzy
1/24/09: Keeping the Food Supply Safe
1/31/09: A Cold Breakfast Will Be Served in the South Pen
3/4/09: Food as Furniture
12/9/09: Eat Up, Kids!

1/12/10: You Shouldn't Take Chances with the Food Supply
1/22/10: Everybody's Safe
1/27/10: Man at Work
2/19/10: There's Always One

© 2010, the no way anybody around here is starving to death foodie farm blog where the flock has been split back into two groups after being sheared, and if you aren't very old or very pregnant, you now only get grain and alfalfa pellets and molasses every other day this time of year. 'Baaa! sounds a lot like 'yeah!' and just before I snapped these pictures Joe said, "Come on, let's get out of here before it turns really ugly!"


  1. I'm with Joe. It certainly looks like an angry mob.

  2. They are so sweet! Mine love their treats also.

  3. Maybe all that sheep shearing takes a lot out of 'em and they need an extra snack! Pretty darn cute pix though - love them!

  4. greetings farmgirl!
    just popping over from norah's 'the vine' where she introduced me to you in her posting ...
    i especially love your sheep and secretly (oops, i guess not anymore) dream to have a few some day ...
    some day!
    anyways, it's a pleasure and delight to see what is happening in your very busy world ...
    best wishes,
    ps. here's a link back to norah ...


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