Saturday, March 6

Saturday Dose of Cute: Sure You Want to Go in There?

Didn't Think So

How about a little meander down Donkette Memory Lane instead?
12/2/07: A Little Donkey Secret
1/1/08: A Donkey with a Sense of Humor
2/20/08: Our Resident Weather Girls
2/23/08: Please Don't Step on My Heart
3/2/08: How Do Donkeys Order Lunch?
5/3/08: Grooming Session
8/13/08: Meet the Dog Day
10/17/08: Baby Love?

5/4/09: What Donkey Girls Do During Lambing Season
7/7/09: Happy First Birthday Esmeralda!
7/12/09: Happy First Birthday Evie!
8/9/09: Broccoli Treats? Blech!
1/14/10: Soaking Up Sun in the Snow
2/20/10: Share and Share Alike

© Copyright 2010, the long-eared foodie farm blog where the only threat you'd probably face by going into that field (once you made it past our foolish attempt to make this gate impenetrable if you're a big white guard dog trying to escape, which so didn't work) is being loved to death by the Donkettes—unless of course you showed up without a bucket of treats.


  1. Your donkeys are so sweet! I love that wonderful animal.



  2. Donkeys look so snuggly. I've never met one in real life, and I doubt they are actually snuggly, but they sure look it. Does your hunky farmguy ever wonder what you're going to adopt next?

  3. Such a cute picture - they kind of look like a gang of donkettes that you want to look tough, but are just to adorable to be scary!


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