Thursday, March 18

Thursday Dose of Cute: Chick Days Again?

Farmgirl Fare - new baby chick
Want to see more chick pics?
© Copyright 2010, the babies all over the place but too whupped and hungry to elaborate foodie farm blog where in the course of my farmly duties today (which were performed on only four hours of sleep), I somehow snapped a whopping 143 photos—nearly all of which captured some particularly cute moment. It definitely wasn't easy to choose just one. Lots more hopefully soon.


  1. What a face! How PRECIOUS! :)

  2. Why are all of your photos on flickr now? I can't see them at work, so all I get is a blank spot! What a bummer.

  3. Oh-oh-oh-ooooooh... Melting away.

    That is sooooo cute.

    You just persuaded me. I need to have my own farm with chickens ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Susan! My husband and I have fled California city life to rural New England. We've been organic heirloom vegetable growers and are about to live our dream of augmenting with first time homegrown chicken eggs. We are very excited and have been uber inspired by your writings. Indoor Swiss Chard, broccoli, Brussells Sprouts, and dino kale sprouted 2 days ago and I am in hog heaven. Question for you is will you feed your new baby chicks a special diet or let them eat the same feed you give the grown chickens? Thanks again for sharing your life, we love reading about your escapades!

  5. Susan, Don't waste a lot of time choosing , just load lots and lots of pics of babies and we can ooh and awh and choose ourselves, saving you the time and decisions. Daily dose of cute helps on the hardest days when life is not so cute. Thanks

  6. So very cute! I can't wait until my hens start to sit!

  7. What a great picture (I can only imagine how wonderful the other 142 are!!!) - I love the baby chick with the hen - great color and texture and just adorable.

    It must be spring - all the babies are arriving. Best wishes to all of you (and try to get more sleep. Yeah, right.)

  8. Hi Everybody,
    So glad you're enjoying this picture, and I always appreciate your feedback - it helps me to know what you like seeing most when you come here.

    I just love it when baby chicks hatch - they're so cute and always crack (oh, bad egg joke) me up with their expressions.


    Congrats on your country move - and to your chicken dreams about to come true! I'm not going to give these chicks any purchased 'chick starter,' preferring to bring them up on 'real' food instead. In the past it's worked just fine. You can read more about what we feed the chickens in the little copyright notice and the comments section of this post. And of course, everybody loves a pizza party! : )

    I'm not sure why you aren't able to see the photos that have been uploaded using flickr. I'm seeing them on both the site itself and in two different e-mail subscriptions, and from these comments, other people are seeing them, too.

    I do know that last weekend - without any help from me - my blogs got all screwed up, and, to make a long and very frustrating story short, in the midst of everything else (newborn animals, sick animals, Joe out of town) I've been frantically trying to figure things out and search for quick solutions, including a new way to upload photos.

    My goal is to have an entirely new template design up and running by this weekend which I hope will fix all the current publishing problems, but I also really need to get a bunch of stuff planted in the garden, and lately it seems like all plans are off each time I step out the door. Farm life - I love it, but you never know when you'll be able to get something done! : )

    In the meantime, I haven't heard from anybody else having difficulty seeing the photos, so I really appreciate your feedback - and I hope you'll keep stopping by to see if the problem gets fixed in the near future.

  9. I looove that picture! his little slanted head... how cute!!! thank you for sharing I needed a good smile!

  10. Flickr is blocked at work - that's why I can't see them there. The other pictures, that I have always been able to see, are on blogspot. The flickr pictures, that I can't see, well it looks like you uploaded the link only, because I can see a link, but when I click on it, I get a 'blocked site' message.
    I hope the new design fixes this problem. Your pictures are great and I'll miss seeing them every day.

  11. CountryMidwife3/19/2010 6:59 PM

    This picture is beyond adorable. It captures how nature makes every living baby thing adorable so that mommas fall as in love as that mother hen clearly is.... Lovely!

  12. Aww. The chick is adorable! Makes me want to have chickens...

  13. This photo is amazing.

    My boys can't wait until the day we can have chickens! Just two more years. . .

  14. It is not easy to get a picture like this! The best.

  15. Thanks so much for these photos, Susan!

    This may be obvious to the more chick-literate readers of your blog, but what kind of chickens are Mom and Baby in this photo? I just love the markings on his little head!

  16. oh wow! what a striking photo! great comp.

  17. farmgirl emster is 127/07/2010 5:26 AM

    heyyy everyone my chicks hatched a week ago each hen had up to 6 eggs
    theres 20 hens
    only 10 out of the lot died and two were put down by me because they were disformed
    1 had his legs stuck together and
    the other had only one eye and it was a big eye. plz reply.P.S if u were wondering im 12 and i care for my chooks anyway better go some of the chicks were not sat on by there mum soo i have to look after them and there cheaping soo i will go now by by:)

  18. Adorable!!


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