Wednesday, March 31

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Big Annette

Big Annette 1
Let's Hope It's Twins

Big Annette 2
And Soon

But not until after I get back from picking up a friend at the airport today. We should be home around midnight—all pregnant ladies, please cross your legs until then!

© Copyright 2010, the waddling around foodie farm blog where we know mamas-to-be aren't as cute as little lambs, but this time of year these big girls need to be reminded that they only feel fat and ugly—especially since that first photo of Annette (who, for those of you keeping track of these things, is my baby Cary's birth mother) was actually taken back on March 11th!


  1. Oh gosh, Annette looks the way I felt when I was 9 months pregnant.

    Good luck girl!


  2. Good Golly! It looks like the little one is stretched out sideways. I hurt for her.

  3. I just thought "WOW!" when I saw that picture. Let's hope it's twin and...soon!

  4. Oh my goodness! I remember lambing season so well! Can't wait to see the pictures of the little one(s). =)

  5. Poor thing I know the feeling, I am thinking it could even be triplets!

  6. I think she's going to have a litter!

  7. Your blog has some amazing photos! I wanted to let you know that my organization, The Hand That Feeds U.S., is sponsoring a Farm Foto contest with a first prize of $500! Feel free to check out submission information at our website and submit your favorite photo!

  8. Happy Easter Susan! We have a couple who still look like that - big as a house, with more time left to go - looks like you've got some cute babies this year - but, then, aren't they always cuter every year? T.

  9. I'm so happy I stumbled across your blog ! Your story really resonates with me. I moved from urban Los Angeles to verrrrrrry rural Colorado and haven't looked back. Traded heels for boots and sushi for pie. Love it.

    And love your blog :)

  10. HOLY!

    Hold on, Annette!

    Come on twins :)

  11. I love your dose of cute photos!!! I wish I had your acreage! lol I'm "farming" on a city lot. I do the best I can with it. No farm animals yet.


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