Friday, February 4

Friday Dose of Cute: Meet the Sheep Day

Meet the Sheep Day 2

Meet the Sheep Day 3

Meet the Sheep Day 4

Meet the Sheep Day 5

Meet the Sheep Day 6

Meet the Sheep Day 7

Meet the Sheep Day 8

Meet the Sheep Day 9

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Meet the Sheep Day 12

Meet the Sheep Day 13
Bert took it like a man.

Meet the Sheep Day actually took place back on the partly snowy December 28th, which was Bert's second day on the farm, but somehow these photos got lost in the beaglemania shuffle. The sheer number of sheep was a little intimidating to him—until he was off the leash. Then the chase was on. More than once.

Fortunately over the past month Bert and the sheep seem to have come to an understanding, once a few of the woolies made it clear, leash or no leash, that they weren't afraid of a little beagle pup. The deal is that they won't bother him as long as he quits trying to get them to chase him. (Bert loves being chased.)

Both parties have slipped up a few times on their end of the deal, and Bert still insists on sneaking into the ram pen every few days (which is pretty brave considering I don't even like going into the ram pen) and running circles around our two big rams while loudly barking his head off. The boys don't seem to mind, though, and fast moving Bert always keeps one eye on his escape route.

A beagle pup has taken over this blog!
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©, the inquisitive foodie farm blog where not to worry, the beagle takeover is temporary. I think. And The Daily Donkey will hopefully be launching next week! What can I say, it's been puppy pandemonium around here—and I've been loving every minute of it. Okay, except for the sheep chasing minutes. But definitely loving the rest.


  1. These photos are the best thing I have seen all day.

  2. These pictures are so cute!

  3. Wow, I had no idea the sheep would be so curious about a new dog. But I guess he smells and looks different than the current ones, so they need to check him out. I love how the pictures progress thru more and more sheep, closer and closer, as Bert sinks lower and lower to the ground. They'd make a good flip movie.

  4. Looking at the photos and then reading your comments made me giggle over and over. I agree with everything Leslie said.

    Thanks for the smile on my face and in my heart.


  5. This is an absolutely adorable photo!

  6. He looks so tiny compared to the sheep!

  7. i've always been a little bit of a trouble maker - how 'bout some photos of bert harassing the rams in their pen?

  8. Great photos! I think Beagle Bert is one tough customer - doesn't look like too much is gonna scare him off! He is a cutie-pie! I love how the sheep kept getting closer & closer - but Brave Beagle Bert doesn't seem to be scared of nothin'!

    Thanks for sharing these great pictures with us! Love the farm!!

  9. Oh gosh don't apologize for all the Beagle Bert photos!!!! it has been wonderful watching him adapt to and adopt farm life. This last set was just so wonderful-with all the sheep getting closer and closer to the little guy and trying to determine if he was friend or foe. Hope you guys are safe and dry in Missouri-spent the day shoveling 4 feet of very heavy snow off my roof. Ugh!

  10. If he's like ours, he's pretty fast.


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