Tuesday, February 22

Tuesday Dose of Cute: Bert's Back in Action

Back in Action 2

Back in Action 3

Back in Action 4

Back in Action 5

Back in Action 6

Back in Action 7

Back in Action 8

Back in Action 9

Back in Action 10

Back in Action 11

Back in Action 12
On the Mole Patrol!

The Daily Donkey 17: Donkeys on the Mole Patrol, too?

© FarmgirlFare.com, the earth moving foodie farm blog where Beagle Bert's previous owners definitely weren't lying when they said he was a mole chaser—he goes after them all over the farm. His reputation as a mole catcher,  however, still has yet to be proven.

Now if only we could harness all that excavation energy and put this crew to work tearing up some useful ground—like for a pond so I can get some ducks. I figure these two could probably dig one in a couple of days. In the meantime, I want a MOLE PATROL t-shirt. And one that says TEAM BEAGLE, too.


  1. I think Mole Patrol is a good band name.

  2. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the picture's. They are so cute digging, and mostly Bert. He looks like a busy little doggie. I wish our dog would dig when we want something dug out for us, but she just goes and lays down and watches us. Thanks for sharing the cute picture's.

  3. Okay, but then I want one that says Team Bear.

  4. Bless him----even tho' his tail isn't yet ready for it's coming out.

  5. Been following your blog for quite a while and I don't think I've ever commented. Your dogs never fail to make be laugh! Love the noses in the ground! :)

  6. My 2 border collies go out on mole patrol every day as well. Last week I thought they had caught one because there was a lot of tail wagging excitement. It turned out to be a muskrat! YUCK!

  7. Oh I wondered what those two were digging for. It so cute to see them together - is Bert's tail healing well?

    Loved the laundry on the line pix, too!

  8. "Mole Patrol"--I love it! Too cute.

  9. What a pair! Too funny!!


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