Thursday, February 10

Thursday Dose of Cute: Beagle Crossing

Beagle Crossing 2

Beagle Crossing 3

The Daily Donkey 5: Bear Crossing

Love longears? The Daily Donkey has begun! There's a new donkey photo posted every single day. You'll find all The Daily Donkeys corralled up here.

©, the eleven degrees below zero this morning foodie farm blog where the week's excitement continues with—despite the giant, made in Minnesota wood furnace running all night—a mysterious burst pipe in the kitchen wall of the new house (which we're partly moved into), resulting in over 40 gallons of water flooding across much of the toasty warm downstairs. It could have been a whole lot worse, though. Our most prized posession today (after wine, beer, and chocolate)? Definitely the wet/dry vac. That thing is amazing.


  1. This really isn't your week, is it? I'm amazed at how stoically you and Joe take all these mishaps. Of course, that is absolutely the right attitude, but I know I'd be tearing my hair out. Hope you feel 100% again very soon and that there are no further mysterious burst pipes in either the new house, or the old Shack. Cynthia
    PS: I too love the Daily Donkeys.

  2. Bert is too cute! He is all tummy (on legs)
    Pudge would have been a good name! Just adorable!

  3. I briefly saw/heard on the weather report (in Virginia) that MO was experiencing minus 31 degrees and my very first thought as a Positive one sent to your animals for warmth in this cold winter. We are all rooting for them!

  4. I hope it's going to warm up for your soon.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. No! Unfortunately I can well imagine what you are going through. It's amazing how quickly water spreads and seeps and destroys things. We are the around owners of not one, not two, but three wet/dry vac things. Here's hoping it warms up soon.

  6. Susan, when are 'they' going to give you a well-deserved break? I hope you have all that water cleaned up (sigh!) and have figured out why the pipe burst in the first place and now it's fixed. I rooting for you!


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