Wednesday, February 23

Wednesday Dose of Cute: Time to Eat?

Time to Eat 2

Time to Eat 3

Time to Eat 4
And you don't want to be late!

Hay, Hay, Hay, Munch, Munch, Munch:
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The Daily Donkey 18: Daphne, Gus, Gnat, and Esmeralda at Treat Time

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  1. What a cutie peeking around the post like that!

  2. Jackie Cohen2/24/2011 6:05 AM

    i do not know much about sheep at all, much less this time of year BUT they sure look either exceptionally well fed or pregnant. Are lots of them pregnant? Even if well fed they do not have the problem we do of getting fat legs or thighs. It appears they do have the same well fed hip problem.

  3. The lady on the left especially looks like she needs groceries. Lambing season has to be not to far away?

  4. Um, dare I risk embarrassing Little Dee Dee and Friendly by admitting this is the group of sheep that isn't pregnant? ;)

    Of course Joe likes to remind me that "There's nothing little about Little Dee Dee anymore!" LOL.

    We've actually been keeping an eye on Friendly (the Katahdin ewe on the right) because she does look sort of pregnant - and there was that one night our strapping young ram Edward broke through 11 strands of barbed wire to get to this flock.

    We don't think she is, but we're probably going to put her in with the pregos so she can have extra grain just in case - although that means she'll get even fatter if she isn't. :)

    We only bred 17 ewes this year (and hopefully there won't be any surprises). We bred 17 last year and ended up with 30 lambs. This year's lambing should start the end of March. I can't believe it's almost that time already!

  5. You can't believe it? Neither can I! Was wondering how some of those lambs are looking 1 year on? XX

  6. Maybe they are just 'fluffy'.'s always fun to see your farm photos. Thanks for sharing them!


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