Saturday, February 19

Saturday Dose of Cute: Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Bert and Daisy are back 2

Bert and Daisy are back 3

Bert and Daisy are back 4

Bert and Daisy are back 5

Bert and Daisy are back 6
It always feels good to be back with your dogs.

As soon as Daisy and Bert arrived home from their overnight spay/neuter vet visit, they tanked up at the spring, and we all headed off for a visit to Donkeyland.

Daisy (who weighs 98 pounds) is doing fine, and she and Marta are getting along well. There's been a little growling on Daisy's part, but thankfully no more bloodshed. And after guarding the entire farm on her own for two days, Marta Beast—who really doesn't care if she's the number two dog, probably because she knows she's bigger than Daisy and can kick her butt if she wants to—was clearly thrilled to have her partner back.

Beagle Bert (who weighs 25 pounds) is still a little whupped from his double whammy surgery (plus a rabies shot), but he's been taking long naps and strutting around as proud as can be of his spiffy new bobbed tail. Just please don't touch or sniff it.

The Daily Donkey 14: Dan and Daphne (she only looks dead)

©, the no Great Beagle puppies in our future foodie farm blog where I love how Bert isn't at all concerned that he temporarily looks like he has a rather silly stinger for a tail. We really can learn so much from our dogs.


  1. Hi Susan, Glad you're all back together, safe and sound. This reminds me of when we would bring one of ours back from the vet, the others who'd stayed home would always growl at the returnee, as if they looked right, but smelled wrong. Growling was momentary, but seemed to have always happened. I had forgotten. Thanks for bringing back memory of a wonderful time in my life. LOVE reading your adventures. Spring's coming! Enjoy!!!

  2. Well, it certainly looks as if all of them are smiling and happy. Poor Bert probably just needs a little extra rest and cuddles in your lap.

  3. Nothing tastes like the water at home. We have one dog who refuses to drink the water at the groomer's whenever she goes, probably because it's too clean. Mud puddles taste best.

  4. "ain't" it good to be home!!!!!!

  5. Do you think Bert just thinks he's as big as Daisy and Marta? I love how is seems to love hangin' out with the girls! Happy to know that they are all doing well and you're all getting back to 'normal' on the farm. (Whatever that means!)

  6. Just curious-------why did you decide to bob Burts tail? Is he going to be a show dog?

    I have forwarded,written,and told many of your great blog,and LOVE IT!

    Trish Shelton
    Puerto Vallarta,Mx.

  7. Susan, lovely pictures. It's been snowing here all day and I needed to see those little patches of new grass peeking through the dirt.

    The tip of Bert's tail had a kink from a previous injury. If you look back to the post on January 10, you could see where she mentions it.

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the nice comments!

    I think you're right. Two times today, Bert got up out of his bed by the woodstove and came over to me while I was sitting at the computer in my little studio office. Apparently all he wanted was to be cuddled - so of course I sat down on the floor with him on his blankie and did just that. :)

    I can't figure out if Bert thinks he's as big as Daisy and Marta, or if he just doesn't let his (much smaller) size get in the way. Joe says he's going for his Junior Guard Dog badge - and that he's a Beagle Scout. How cute is that?

    When we picked Bert and Daisy up from the vet, the girl working there looked at the receipt she'd just printed out and said, Okay, one of them is 25 pounds - and the other one is 98 pounds?!

    The two of them were SO cute together in their kennel cage. They totally bonded. :)

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about my blog. And the above sweet but anonymous commenter is right - Bert came to us with an injured 'candy cane' tail, which was why we had it bobbed. You can see how it looked before here.

    Thanks for chiming in. And yes, it's hard to believe, but after just a week of this crazy heat wave, things are really greening up! :)

  9. Procreation of giant beagles was highly over rated anyway.


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