Wednesday, February 2

Wednesday Farm Photo: Winter Wonderland 2

The Ice Encased Version (click here to see January's version one)

Lots more photos tomorrow. In the meantime, Happy Groundhog Day! Ours was indeed a happy one, which had nothing to do with seeing shadows, and everything to do with the fact that there was thankfully no sign of Joe's furry little arch enemy, Chucky.

We haven't seen him in years, although today Joe pointed out that if Chucky did happen to still be lurking around on the farm somewhere, he was probably snowed or iced in to his burrow today and wouldn't be coming out to check the weather at all. The high was only about 20 degrees, and that sharp wind was something fierce. The sun did pop out for a few glistening minutes late this afternoon before disappearing below the ridge, though. Just long enough to snap some beautiful shots.

©, the no sign of melting foodie farm blog where we didn't get nearly as much snow as predicted last night (which is just fine by us), but oh my gosh is it cold out there. Before Joe could finish scooping the chunks of broken ice out of the 100-gallon stock tanks in Donkeyland this morning (while I supervised), it was already freezing back up again.


  1. A friend had her first garden and sitting on her deck one summer night I spotted a ground hog in her garden. She yelled "get out" and started to wave her arms. I had to open my big big mouth and say "he won't eat much". In 20 minutes he wiped out, "clear cut" the entire garden!! I was appalled as that year I was getting all my squash from her as mine died, and because I had never seen such fast destruction, and did not know ground hogs did that. Surprise and learn. Breaking cows legs would get me up set about them also.
    Looking forward to daily donkey. A pleasnat spot to the day. Jackie

  2. I hope we don't get that here in MS cause I hate that white stuff....

  3. i love your sheep. i think i may try a few this spring, can they live with our nubians or do they not get along?
    you are lucky to think 20 is cold!
    we havent gotten that high in three days.

  4. Jackie,
    Oh my gosh, that is too funny. Tragic, but funny. :)

    I don't mind the snow, but the ice is a real pain in the butt - often literally!

    Katie Rose Coyle,
    Some people do run sheep and goats together, though I've never done it. The success probably depends on the breeds and temperaments of the animals - like how bossy and territorial the sheep are. ;)

    It was the windchill that made yesterday's high of 20 degrees feel so cold - along with the fact that everything outside is encased in ice. This morning it was zero, which even to this California native makes yesterday's 20 seem positively balmy!

  5. Glad to hear that you all came through the storm well. I was worried that you would get tons of ice and lose power. We hardly got any ice up here but got 11.4 inches of snow. After lounging on their beds all day Tuesday in front of their personal heater, the dogs were super happy to get out and play in all that snow yesterday!


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