Sunday, February 6

Sunday Dose of Cute: Coming at You—The Daily Donkey!

What do you end up with when you have a herd of seven donkeys and a longear loving blogger who carries her camera everywhere? A lot of extra donkey photos. And since I know many of you are longear lovers, too, I came up with an idea for a new Farmgirl Fare feature that I think is going to be a lot of fun. I'm calling it The Daily Donkey.

The idea is simple—which is why I'm pretty confident that it actually is going to be daily. Each day I will post one random, previously unpublished donkey photo from the files I've been amassing over the years. It might have been taken last week, or it might have been from back in 2007. I'll tell you who it is and when it was taken. No clever captions, no newsy copyright notices, just down and dirty donkey cuteness. Every single day.

In order to keep the homepage and the RSS/e-mail subscriptions from being taken over by jacks and jennets, I'm going to corral all The Daily Donkey posts back in their own section of the archives (which is why they'll be dated 2005). Each day's 'regular' Farmgirl Fare post (dose of cute, farm photo, etc.) will include a link at the bottom to the current Daily Donkey.

If there is no regular post that day, or if it's a recipe post, then The Daily Donkey photo will appear on the homepage. At least this is the plan. I may have to do some tweaking once we get started.

The new Daily Donkey navigation tab at the top of the page (up there by the About Me, Subscribe, Contact, FAFQ, and Recipe Index tabs) will take you to The Daily Donkey index, which will have links to all the Daily Donkey photos in one handy spot. Need a quick donkey fix? Just click on that tab.

I'm really excited about The Daily Donkey, and I hope you are, too. Your feedback is always greatly appreciated (how else would I have known how popular the donkeys are?), especially as I fine tune this new feature. Oh, and don't worry—I'll still be including plenty of current donkey photos in the farm photos and doses of cute.

Okay, are you ready to launch into donkey madness? Then let's start things off with one of my favorite donkey snapshots (just click on the link below), taken in September 2009 but never posted because I couldn't come up with a fitting caption. How lame is that? I'm loving The Daily Donkey already.

©, the everyday foodie farm blog where happiness is a warm donkey—and seven of them is almost too much fun.


  1. That is a great idea. LOL! Love those ears, they sure do tell all!

  2. Oh, sure, distract us with donkeys when what we are really longing for is LAMBIES.

  3. I love that shot! So peaceful...



  4. I love the idea. I love this photo with the long-eared dog on the right. Seems likes he is making tracks in a rapid fashion - maybe he thinks that the donkeys will eat him.

  5. If it weren't for all the hee-hawing they do donkeys would be more appreciated by me. Nice pictures though.

  6. I have been looking forward to "Daily Donkey" and also to seeing Gnat and Gus pulling small carts some time in the future! "ain't going to happen??"

  7. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Daily Donkey!!! This is my new favorite part of your blog (just kidding - I LOVE ALL of your blog!!)

    Of course, you could have...Daily Doggie, Daily Lamb, Daily Kitty, Daily Hunky Farm get my drift. Thank you so much for Daily Donkey - they really are delightful! I'd even like to hear them HeeHaw-ing!!

  8. Daily Donkey is a hit with me already. Your roasted bussel sprouts got me hooked a year ago and when I first made them I had left the recipe at work. Instead of lemon and parmesan I used just garlic powder. Absolutley wonderful. They do not last long, as snack on them all day. If I ever had enough to have at least 3 batches of each kind I would do the lemon and parm. I could do it with the garlic, or skip the lemon and do the garlic powder and parm. One thing I have noticed, the cut brussels sprouts almost act like eggplant and soak up the olive oil. Oh, it tastes wonderful, just it is not exactly low calorie. Brussels sprouts are not easy to find lately so I bought 2 bags of frozen sprouts and am going to defrost them and try roasting them. Since they are blanched the roasting should take less time. Has anyone tried it with frozen sprouts? I know, I know , the purists are having hissy fits but if one can't buy them fresh what's a girl to do?? any ieas for a hooked on brussels sprouts roasted person? Jackie in MD

  9. Aw, we are getting all wrapped up in newly found donkey love:)

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill

  10. TDD sounds like a good place to get a donkey fix!

  11. That is one happy dog!!!


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