Friday, April 1

Friday Dose of Cute: No Fooling

Clarissa and triplets 1
Clarissa had triplets this morning! (She's the one who wondered what we were waiting for in yesterday's post.)

Lots more photos after the jump. . .

We've launched into lambing season at full tilt! This Katahdin hair sheep mama, who was the only one to have triplets last year, and her Katahdin/Suffolk babies—two girls and one boy, born first thing this morning—are all doing well and are bonding in their newly (like finished yesterday) bonding suite. We've had a slow start with nursing but have high hopes—and thankfully plenty of fresh raw milk and cream from a generous Jersey cow down the road.

That makes one ewe down and 19 more to go, barring anymore surprise pregnancies. So far we've had three. Who knew our strapping young Katahdin ram Edward could, ahem, do it through the fence? He also broke through 11 strands of barbed wire—twice. Thank goodness our big Suffolk ram doesn't have such lofty aspirations!

I have a feeling it's going to be a busy weekend.

©, where it looks like I already have myself a little bottle baby, so my right before bed and 2am barn checks that begin tonight will be doubly important—and require even more brain power. Yawn.


  1. Through the fence? Wow. Just wow.

  2. From the photos, it looks like the dogs are particularly interested in (and protective of?) the young ones. Is this true?

  3. So cute: these newborns, so sweet: the protective dogs and what a dramatic turn your post takes! Compliments to you and randy Edward.
    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it.

  4. You're off to a great start! I love how the dogs are so interested and seemingly protective of the sheep and her newborns.

  5. Adorable! I love that last picture the best!

  6. Ha. I almost wrote, "Wow. You have nice jugs." Then I realized what MOST people would think that meant. So let me modify that, "Wow. You have nice lambing jugs."

    Not sure that's better.

    Anyway. Our jug is jerry-rigged from pallets. It works pretty well, but yours is lots prettier. Probably easier to work, too. Good luck with the rest of the lambs!

  7. wow - that is awesome! Congratulations!! I think that must be a sign of good luck :)

  8. Nice looking lambs. The dogs seem to be great guardians of the new lambs.

  9. There's just something about lambs that makes you want to hug them. Congrats!

  10. Triplets! I'm such a city girl - does the ewe raise all three? They're beautiful little lambs.

  11. Wow - three!! That is a miracle!! They are adorable - and your pictures tell the story so beautifully. Love your blog - thanks for sharing!

  12. Those babies are almost as well camouflaged as fawns.

  13. do you sell your fleeces? those guys look gorgeous!


  14. Hi Everybody,
    Thanks for all the comments. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to answer your questions, but right now it's back to the barn for one last check on all the lambs and mamas to be before I fall into bed to catch a few winks before heading back down there again. Nothing like running on three hours sleep! :)


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