Sunday, April 24

Sunday Dose of Cute: No Sign of the Easter Bunny. . .

Pink Noses 1

More photos below. . .

Pink Noses 2

Pink Noses 3
But we have seen plenty of pink noses—and big ears!

Just joining us for lambing season? It's easy to catch up with all the cute:
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4/1/11: No Fooling
4/7/11: Waiting. . .

Current lamb count: Still 30. Pregnant ewes to go: Still 3. Number of lambing season photos I've snapped so far this year: Let's just say it's a good thing I don't use film.

The Daily Donkey 78: Marta Beast Guards Donkeyland

©, where baby lambs don't hop, but they're really good at bouncing. In fact, we have an epidemic of bouncing sickness going on right now. It's the cutest illness ever.


  1. They have the pinkest noses I have seen. Sweet lambs! Happy Easter.

  2. Oh, they are all so beautiful. They look like they're wearing slightly ill-fitting wool suits. So sweet. I don't know what it is about the ones that are basically white but have little black spots on them...they just slay me.

    Tell me, are they half as soft as they look?


  3. Gorgeous - a perfect Easter scene! x

  4. We call that lamb bouncing "popping". And it is just about the cutest thing ever.

  5. Super-cuteness! I was wondering, isn't Cary expecting this year? Has she delivered already?

  6. I like the pink noses and big ears.

  7. My 6 year old really loved these. He wondered why the goats had such fuzzy hair, though, lol. Then he realized they weren't kids, they were lambs. :) Thanks for posting such a nice dose of cuteness!!!


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