Thursday, April 7

Thursday Dose of Cute: Waiting. . .

Waiting 1

For more baby lambs to be born. . .

For the grass to grow. . .

For little legs to grow. . .

For the Bonding Suite Inn to fill back up. . .

To be the center of attention again.

Current lamb count: still 9! Days since the last lambs were born: 5. Pregnant ewes remaining: 16. Unless they're all faking, which is beginning to feel like it might—except for the enormous bellies and bags—be possible.

©, doing barn checks every few hours round the clock, and figuring that one of these hours—probably when I'm least awake—they're all going to arrive at once.


  1. Hey Farmgirl you hang in there and sleep when you can. Looking at the photos, looks like there are lots more lambs coming ( and twins!) and hope for you they don't all come at once. The dog photos are just adorable-all of them. Miss Ms. Marta, is she on donkey watch?????

  2. I think Bert must be waiting for all the action to start again!

    Your loyal readers are just anxious for all the new lambs too. Rest while you can - I think you're in for a wild few days!

  3. It'll be worth the wait!

  4. I found my self grimacing when looking at some of your Mommas

  5. Hope the lambing is going well for everyone! I just wanted to thank you for your recipes - I made the savory scallions with lentil soup to rave reviews, and the pita breads too - delicious and easy following your directions. I was expecting the pitas to taste like the bland grocery store version, but they were so flavorful, and even better stuffed with greens, roasted peppers and some extra black beans. Yummy!


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