Thursday, April 21

Thursday Farm Photo: It's Hunting Season

morels 1
Mushroom hunting, that is.

Oh, morels! Talk about the perfect star of an Earth Dinner. These farm foraged morels* tasted divine, sautéed in organic butter just a few hours after finding them on Sunday and sopped up with a warm and crusty hunk of freshly baked baguette (a simple new yeasted beer bread recipe I've been working on—and may have finally perfected!).

More mushrooms:
5/26/08: Foraging and Finding Morels (Not Today) (includes mushroom hunting stories and mouthwatering ideas for how to enjoy morels in the comments section)
4/20/09: Morels!

* Foraging for wild mushrooms can be a wonderful and rewarding thing to do, but you should never taste (or even touch) a wild mushroom unless you are 110% sure that it is edible. Most mushrooms are poisonous, and many are deadly. Please be smart and stay safe!

©, the thrilled with this foraging find foodie farm blog where it happens to be turkey hunting season this week, too, but we prefer to admire our wild turkeys from a distance, rather than spend the day dressed head to toe in camo trying to outsmart them. Deer season, however, is a different story. I love venison, though thankfully the donkey peddling cowboy (who is also the one responsible for bringing Bert and Bear into our lives) usually shoots one for me.


  1. I'm jealous. Oh man am I jealous. We've been looking but have yet to find any around here!

  2. Fiddleheads, garlic mustard, ramps, and asparagus just to name a few are out too! YAY!!!!!!!

  3. I'm telling ya, every single time I visit your blog, I ALWAYS end up getting hungry. Every single time! Lovely shot of the mushrooms, by the way, and what a wonderful and simple meal with some crusty bread. Thanks for the idea!
    Give your lambs a squeeze for me, and take care!
    xo Deirdre

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. Those morels are stunning.

    The last time I had morels was with freshly-caught brook trout. Trout, morels, butter. The most amazing breakfast-nay, MEAL-I've ever had.

    Enjoy those beauties!


  5. I'm jealous. Morels are something I really want to try, but they are not readily available around here.

  6. I certainly hope that yeasted beer baguette will be posted *soon*. Those morels are making my mouth water.


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