Saturday, April 2

Saturday Dose of Cute: Back in Black (and The Whole Picture)

BB and her twins
BB (short for Black Beauty) and her twin boy and girl, born about 1:30 this morning.

Current lamb count: 6. Sets of triplets: 1. Sets of twins: 1. Girls: 3. Boys: 3. Number of BB's babies who refuse to get with the nursing program (like, at all): 2! Number of hours I slept last night: 3 (from 11pm - 2am). Number of pregnant ewes remaning: 17. Spaces currently available at the Bonding Suite Inn: 2 (with two more under construction).

Sometimes I'll take a picture and then zoom out so you can see the whole scene, which is often amusing and usually involves dogs. (If the whole scene includes a big mess, like say, the other half of the kitchen counter on which I'm photographing a recipe, it's too scary to zoom out.)

I've been calling these photos And the whole picture when I post them, and a look back through the archives tells me that there are already eight in what what I'm now officially declaring a series.

Want to see what they are so far?
7/19/08: Big Hearted
7/27/08: Siesta Time
1/5/10: Cold Lover

And as for today's scene, here's the whole picture:

BB and her twins and Livestock Guardian Dog Daisy
That's our Crazy Daisy! (she's on 24/7 baby guard duty this time of year)

©, where the lambs are as cute as can be but can also be a frustrating pain in the butt (and some other places)—and sometimes you just have to get down on your knees, practice your milking skills, force feed the little darlings, and hope for the best.


  1. Oh BOO. I suck at milking and always try to make the MiL do it. We've had a couple of ewes that needed some help this year, but they're all okay now. No bottle lambs, thankfully. Fingers crossed your high-maintenance lambs get it together and give you a break.

  2. Never commented before, but I really enjoy your posts & photos!

  3. I don't know if the lambs or the big puppy are the photos this time of year.

  4. That is pretty funny to get the "whole" picture, nice look into reality. What a ham our dog is, Lol, love it!

  5. Those baby lambs are just so cute! Sounds like you have your hands full.

  6. wild - as long as the mothers will accept the babies - never had a goat kid refuse to learn to nurse - they are eager for the most part - only sickly ones don't nurse and that rarely ends well no matter what I do. Birthing season - exhausting and exhilirating in the same breath - SO wonderful to see those little lives begin

  7. They are so lovely.

    I actually saw a lamb being born today and it was amazing. I can't believe I saw it, it was such a miracle. The mother was so calm - I guess there's a lot we can learn from mother nature! x

  8. I don't know how you do it! All of them are cute--I'd be a miserable shepherdess, I'd just end up owning 1000 sheep because I couldn't bear to part with any of them! Good luck with the rest of the babes and tell Edward to take a cold shower or somethin'!

  9. Bless you, darlin'. You lead an interesting life. Taking care of your spouse and all of those beautiful critters.

  10. haha, love this whole picture! And those lambs are too sweet for words. Wish I could be there.

  11. Oh, the cuteness! I just found your blog through BlogHer and am loving it :)


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