Tuesday, April 19

Eating Well Every Day - and Celebrating Earth Week in a BIG Organic Way

I'm Giving Away a $520 Earth Dinner Package!

Our own little organic valley

Happy Earth Week! A perfect way to celebrate it is by attending or hosting an Earth Dinner.

Chefs Collaborative is a national nonprofit network of chefs and farmers that fosters a sustainable food system using the power of education, collaboration, and responsible buying decisions. This year, Chefs Collaborative and 65 restaurants are partnering with Organic Valley to bring Earth Dinners, a series to raise awareness about local, sustainable, and organic food to the dining public.

Chefs Collaborative member restaurants across the country are holding special dinners in celebration of Earth Week, and the Midwest dairy farmers of Organic Valley will match every dollar donated by each restaurant partner, up to $10,000.

Click here for a list of 2011 Earth Dinner participants. There's also an Earth Dinner Events Update page on Facebook. Learn more about Chefs Collaborative here, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Or you can host your own Earth Dinner! It doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't even have to be dinner. Anything goes; just follow these three easy steps:

1. Have a meal with as many local, seasonal and organic ingredients as possible.

2. Know where your food comes from.

3. Have meaningful conversation about food, farming, and your connection to the earth.

You can download the 58-page Earth Dinner Book, which includes planning details and Earth Dinner questions, and there's a whole Earth Dinner Toolkit here.

Organic Valley, an independent and farmer-owned company, is America's largest cooperative of organic farmers and one of my favorite organic brands. Organized in 1988, it represents 1,617 hard working farmers, and its founding mission is to save family farms through organic farming. Organic Valley produces and sells organic milk, soy, cheese, butter, spreads, creams, eggs, produce, and juice nationwide. The same farmers who produce for Organic Valley also produce a full range of organic meat under the Organic Prairie label.

Check out the Organic Valley website here, meet organic farmers on the cooperative's farmer website here, or keep up with Organic Valley on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks to Organic Valley and in celebration of Earth Week, I'm giving away a delicious Earth Dinner Package worth $520 to one lucky Farmgirl Fare reader!

The package contains everything you need to host your own Earth Dinner:
1. One Year’s Worth of Free Organic Valley Products in the form of 52 free-product coupons ($520 value—you'll receive them all at once)
2. Four Earth Dinner Books
3. An Organic Valley reusable, packable shopping bag for carrying all those delicious Organic Valley goodies

The giveaway runs from today until Friday, April 22nd at 8:00pm EST. I'll announce the winner Friday evening. Comments closed - thanks for entering! You can enter up to two times (by leaving two separate comments). Choose one or two of the following:

1. "Like" Earth Dinner on Facebook, then leave a comment here on this post telling me:
a) That you "liked" it.
b) A favorite way you go organic.
c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

2. "Like" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook (this option for new fans only), then leave a comment here on this post telling me:
a) That you "liked" it.
b) A favorite way you go organic.
c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

3. Leave a comment here on this post telling me:
a) Three ways you go organic.
b) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

**You MUST include your e-mail address in your comments in order to win.** It won't be used for anything except to contact the winner. To avoid spam bots, you can leave it like this: farmgirlfare AT gmail DOT com.

I moderate comments so it may take a while for yours to show up.

This generous Earth Dinner Package is being provided by Organic Valley and will be shipped directly to the winner. Because Organic Valley products are only sold in the US, this giveaway is open to US readers only. I will select one winner via random draw and they will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

© FarmgirlFare.com, where Farmgirl Susan shares recipes, stories, and photos from her crazy country life on 240 remote Missouri acres—and every dinner is an Earth Dinner.


  1. I liked Earth Dinner on Facebook.
    Even though I live in a townhouse, I grow my owns herbs and lettuce, cucumbers, squash, whatever fits on the patio! monken at onken dot com

  2. a) I liked EARTH DINNER
    b way you go organic--GROWN MY OWN
    c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

    a) I "liked" Farmgirl Fare
    b) A favorite way you go organic. Buy local organics when I can
    c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

    What a great day to find your blog!!

  3. I also posted a link on my blog

  4. I liked Earth Dinner on FB!
    One way we like to go organic is to shop at our local farmer's market!

  5. Wendy Johnston4/19/2011 1:46 PM

    Hi there I wanted to let you know that I Liked the Earth Day page. I live on a 100+ acre farm in southern West Virginia where we raise beef cattle, Katahdin Hair Sheep, and a large vegetable garden with my parents. We are operating a CSA for vegetables and recently got our distributors license for selling meat directly from our farm. wenjohnston2004@yahoo.com

  6. I "liked" Earth Dinner.
    I grow my own veggies, support the local Farmer's Market in Warrenton, Missouri AND I just purchased 3 dairy goats! 8)

  7. I 'liked' Farmgirl Fare.
    Ever since I tried organic sour cream, I've been hooked. And I only buy organic milk now.

  8. I practice organic gardening by using beneficial plants to lure insects instead of spraying pesticides. We use organic lotions, soaps and shampoos and we buy local, organic grass-fed meat (elk, bison, and beef).

    kjramstack at yahoo dot com

  9. I "liked" Earth Dinner and downloaded the booklet. I grow my own herbs and hope to put in a vegetable garden again this year though Mother Nature isn't cooperating yet. I'm also a member of my local Co-op and try to buy a lot of stuff there.
    elsandradarkweav at aol.com

  10. We go organic by using our own compost from our chickens and our kitchen scraps, growing and canning our own organic veggies, and freezing/jamming organically grown, local berries that we pick ourselves!

    lauriel bybee at gmail dot com

    No spaces!

  11. This year 1) I purchased all organic, bio-dynamic seeds for our garden, 2) in which we use no chemicals. 3) I also purchase as much organic, non-GMO food staples I can.

    mmcmillen AT macnet DOT com

  12. Three ways we go organic are 1)in all our dairy products (which is why this win would be great!), 2)we try to keep our meat local and if not "certified" organic at least know what the farm practices, and 3)we consider it a matter of "voting with your money" in everthing else that we try to buy organic. To us its more than just about the health of the earth, its about social justice to laborers as well.

  13. I'm 'going organic' by gardening. I manage to grow & preserve most of the produce we eat throughout the year.

    We don't have enough land for animals, so we buy pastured organic beef from friends.

    I use natural products elsewhere in our home- to clean the house, and even to brush my teeth!

    joshandjoanna at gmail

  14. Loved the earth dinner ideas, but I always check all your listings. All the new babies have been wonderful. I was thinking it is a good thing Mother Nature has most of that work preprogrammed into the moms.
    Sincere thanks for all you do and post.
    The world is a better place because of your energies.

  15. We go organic by:
    1. Growing as much as we can ourselves
    2. Purchasing almost everything else from our local farmers' market
    3. Making sure the rest of the products we consume come from companies that practice earth-friendly production.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Liked Farmgirl Fare on FB! We grow our own organic veggies.

    charlynn DOT rick AT gmail DOT com

    I really enjoy your blog!

  17. 1) I frequent my local farmer's market when it's open
    2) I grow my own tomatoes and peppers on my back deck
    3) I save peelings and other vegetable odds and ends to add to soup stock

    courtney [dot] elizabeth [dot] foster [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. I have "liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook and was already a fan of yours. I enjoy your posts...

    We should all compost for several reasons: Landfills aren't utilized, it is really easy, the end result of the compost is wonderful for organic gardening. And it teaches our children good gardening habits!

    I have purchased heirloom seeds for the past 3 years and have experienced bumper crops. The heirloom seeds haven't been altered and are much more heathly. These can also be passed on to the next generations!

    I always try to buy locally and support my neighbors and farmers when the opportunity comes along.
    Keep up your great blog!!

    keden22 (@) gmail (.com)

  19. I liked Earth Dinner on FB as I am already your fan! We go organic by growing gorgeous organic heirloom food for ourselves and our friends and by shopping locally at Farmer's Markets with organic farmers. This year for the first time we bought organic pork from our wonderful neighbor farm, gorgeous meat! We also raise our own organic free range chickens and just sold our first dozen to our friend across the street who loves organic eggs.

    carylanneb at gmail dot com

  20. Three ways we go organic
    1. We have a rental garden and grow our own produce without pesticides and using only organic fertilizers
    2. We buy organic milk
    3. We buy organic free-range eggs. In the summer we buy them at the local farmer's market.

    Lisaabucci (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. 1. I Like you. :)
    2. I love buying our local organic milk and making my own homemade yogurt out of it.
    3. carly.rapp [at] gmail [dot] com

    I've been loving the lamb posts, what a great way to feel springy.

  22. a) I liked EARTH DINNER
    b way you go organic- buy local, at farmers markets
    c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

    a) I "liked" Farmgirl Fare
    b) A favorite way you go organic. Composting
    c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win).

  23. 1. Earth Dinner sounds awesome, thanks for the tip! (I liked them.)
    2. Loving making organic granola. It pairs well with my yogurt!
    3. carly.rapp [at] gmail [dot] com

  24. What a wonderful blog you share with us! Love all the babies and their guard-doggies! We compost our kitchen waste. We garden organically. We support the local farmers and meat producers at our farmers markets. We buy organic dairy and local artisan cheeses as well as locally raised eggs. We grow our own shiitake mushrooms. We also support our chefs who are using as much locally raised food stuffs as possible. Once again thanks for the great blog! Kaye--kwntrbr@gmail.com

  25. I support local businesses that use local and organic products, I buy organic food as much as possible for my home use, and I don't use harsh chemicals in my house or yard. gmail: boondogglerr

  26. Three ways I go organic:
    a) Raise my own free-range chickens, pigs, and ducks.
    b) Forage for as many local wild edibles as possible (especially blueberries!)
    c) Buy local produce from the farmer's market in town when I can.


  27. I liked you on Facebook! I didn't know you had a page, yay!

    One of my favorite organic products is just plain and simple baby spinach! It is so delicious and so versatile!

    I love your blogs, thank you!!

  28. I liked you on Facebook!

    I go organic by trying to buy only seasonal fruits and veggies from local farms - luckily I have a very good one fairly close to me :)



  29. Fun giveaway! 3 ways I go organic:

    1. We have a year-round CSA membership with a local organic farm.

    2. I avoid most heavily processed packaged foods and buy bulk organic whole foods whenever possible (other than the cheez-its I'm currently eating -- oops :-)

    3. We compost all of our organic trash (woohoo for municipal composting -- awesome for those of us who don't have a garden of our own!)

    bookgeekgirl at gmail dot com

  30. a) I like Earth Dinner
    b) We go organic by producing as much as we can from our backyard garden.
    c) juniper583@gmail.com

  31. We go organic by 1) supporting our local farmer's markets as much as possible 2) by buying local meat 3) buying local eggs and milk


  32. I am lucky here to have a local lamb farmer who raises his lambs au-natural (and is affordable too). I also have a year-round farmers' market that I get food from every week to supplement my own garden.

    Living in a warm climate means that it is easier to go organic and close-by all year long.
    (hmattax at gmail dot com)

  33. I liked Farmgirl Fare and Earth Dinner on facebook. Three ways I go organic are as follows: I recently bought Earth friendly laundry detergent. I work at a self serve frozen yogurt shop that promotes buying local. A percentage of the toppings are locally supplied. We eat at Trolley Stop Market, a restaurant/market, opened by local farmers that serves organic food.

  34. lmathers@comcast.net4/19/2011 6:00 PM

    For the last 3 years my husband and I have been removing decorative plants and shrubs from our small yard(1/3 acre lot) and replacing them with fruiting trees and berry shrubs. We've also built 3 gardens where we grow many vegetables and herbs organically. So we go organic by:
    1. Growing as many fruits and vegetables as space allows in our garden.
    2.Composting kitchen scraps and yard clippings.
    3. Buying organic milk/dairy products and hormone/antibiotic free meat at the grocery.
    I also think it's important to share with family and friends so that they can see what's possible in your backyard.

  35. I know this won't give me a better chance of winning, but I have to say that I love your blog! And my 4-year-old loves looking at the cute lambs, too. :)

    1. I get a twice monthly organic fruit delivery, which I like because it supports organic food and a small business owner.

    2. I subscribe to an organic CSA, and buy meat from a local "beyond organic" farmer.

    3. I use (and LOVE) all of my reusable bags for grocery or any type of shopping. They're technically not organic, but I know they keep a lot of plastic out of my home!

    doniamae AT gmail DOT com

  36. What an AMAZING give-away! I go organic by:
    a) growing my own food and spices whenever I can
    b) buying organic foods
    c) buying local foods

    Cindy AT 7ate9 DOT com

  37. I liked Earth Dinner on facebook (Rachel Tayse Baillieul).

    My favorite way to go organic is to harvest foods from my backyard garden.

    rachel AT houndsinthekitchen DOT com

  38. I liked earth dinner on Facebook.
    I do organic by buying as many organic products as possible.
    My email: kdznme2atgmaildotcom

  39. I liked you on facebook and Earth Dinner. I shop at our local farmers market as well as vend there with all-natural products. I grow my own veges and fruits organically and I am currently trying to purge plastic from my life. I have a long way to go. dlindquist55 at yahoo dot com

  40. I buy organic meat for my boyfriend, fruit that I eat the skin of, and organic turkey on the holidays (Easter's a-comin'!). Rest of the time I schlepp it out with conventional stuff. Wish I could eat organic all the time! amianerd at yahoo dot com

  41. I liked Earth Dinner!
    I go Organic as often as possible by buying organic, eating organic, and living organic!

    Here's my email… sdealaman at gmail dot com


  42. We buy organic products whenever I can as a single mom - Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt for one and usually I can get organic carrots and onions for not too much more than the pesticide ones! My daughters and I have been using more natural and organic body products like soaps and shampoos and clean with natural cleaners, buy organic lip balms and lotions. Fortunately it is getting easier and less expensive to buy the products than it used to be - I hope somday they become mainstream! janschop at aol dot com

  43. (1) We grow a lot of our own produce in the summer, organically of course.
    (2) We buy organic, grass-fed beef from a local farmer.
    (3) We avoid processed, packaged foods as much as possible.
    {njs1825 AT yahoo DOT com}

  44. -I "liked" you on facebook!
    -We buy organic produce in the winter when its available.
    {njs1825 AT yahoo DOT com}

  45. I "liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook.
    I grow as many veggies as I can, and buy as many as I can from the farmers market, and put up as much as I can to save for the winter!

  46. I'm going organic by 1) using my own chicken manure as compost, 2) stopping use of synthetic fertilizers, and 3) buying organic seeds and seedlings!


  47. I "Liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook...sounds awesome. Using natural soil amendments is my favorite way to go organic.


  48. 1) I buy organic when possible.
    2) Grow all organic vegies in the garden and put up the extras for winter
    3) Use organic cleaners and beauty products

    pkktbeyer AT gmail DOT com

  49. Oh, let's see . . .

    1) Our garden is mostly organic. I only say mostly because the seeds aren't necessarily, but the practices are. "Practices" meaning the back-breaking labor of hand pulling weeds in favor of blasting them with Round-up.

    2) Our sheep are raised on organic pastures. We don't have the money or equipment to be spraying fertilizers or whatever on the grass anyway. But we DO have the equipment to spread soiled hay to fertilize all over the acre of grass in the paddock. And by "equipment" I mean a pitchfork, a rake, a wheelbarrow, and two very tired people.

    3) We don't buy much produce, and it's not always organic when I do buy it, but carrots are organic when I buy them. Cubby likes to chew on a whole carrot (helps with teething), so organic seemed prudent in that case especially.


  50. Three ways I go organic....
    1.) Growing some of my own veggies
    2.) Buying locally raised organic meat
    3.) Making my own health and beauty products from plants I grow in my garden

    elightle24 at hotmail dot com

  51. I compost everything and use the resulting mixture in my gardens, which are all organic as well. I make my own household cleaners rather than using the chemical-based ones. We recycle nearly everything - I make over outgrown garments, reuse jars, and just generally try to be as organic as possible as well as reduce our waste. Karin - khsds2 at yahoo dot com.

  52. 1. Grow my own veggies and some fruits.
    2. Can/freeze/dry my own veggies and fruits.
    3. Organic dairy only.
    4. Farmer's markets and organic section at grocer's. They are getting better. Slowly.
    gracesnature at yahoo dot com

  53. I tried to "like" Earth Dinner but saw no button on their page? I posted on their wall and will keep checking back to "like"! The book looks awesome. I just started liking you about 2 weeks ago. Your site is great and I love it.

    I belong to a full-diet, year-round CSA in the cold hinterlands of upstate NY. Mark and Kristin Kimball are the bomb! My favorite way to go organic is to spend my late summer like a busy bee-- canning, freezing and putting up so I can enjoy treats like blueberries, pickles, green beans, broccoli and melon in LOCAL way ALL WINTER LONG!

    aquinn1970 AT yahoo DOT com

  54. I liked farmgirl fare on facebook.

    buying as much as possible at the farmer's market
    krystaldwilson AT gmail.com

  55. Hi Farmgirl!

    I'm a long-time reader but just now I
    1) "Liked" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook
    2)I go organic by composting all of the bits and pieces of my farmer's market veggies
    3) shwardlaw AT gmail dot com

  56. We go organic by
    1) buying organic tomato and herb seedlings
    2) no chemical pesticides or weed killers allowed
    3) composting all our yard clippings for use in the garden

    mamatrahan (at) msn (dot) com

  57. #1--I "liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook. My favorite way to go organic is to shop at the farmer's market and buy organic produce there.

    rachel (dot) or (dot) clark (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. #2--I liked Farmgirlfare on facebook. Another favorite way to go organic is by not using pesticides on my small veggie garden.

    rachel (dot) or (dot) clark (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. I just "liked the Farmgirl Fare FB page". As a stay at home mom of 3 kids aged 3 and twin 18-month olds, it's hard financially to go organic all the time. However, we do our best by buying organic milk when we are out of milk WIC checks for the month, and shopping organically based on the "dirty dozen."
    email : aldrich_andrea@yahoo.com

  60. I liked the "Earth Dinner" page, looking forward to reading more! I also like to go organic by really focusing on the things that we eat the most of, even if they're not in the "dirty dozen." If it's going in our bodies a lot, it's gotta be as natural as possible!
    email: aldrich_andrea@yahoo.com

  61. Three ways we go organic... We raise our own beef, we raise our own chickens and eggs, and we grow our own veggies nad herbs all without chemicals.

  62. Hi!
    a)I just "liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook
    b)my family goes organic by supporting our local CSA. We've been members for more than 10 years and LOVE the variety we get.
    c)Reneelouise at yahoo dot com.

  63. Hi!
    a)I just "liked" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook
    b)my family goes organic by buying organic dairy whenever we can and making sure we do not waste our food.
    c)Reneelouise at yahoo dot com.

  64. I just liked Farmgirl fare on FB.

    We have gone organic a few years ago by expanding our garden and canning as much as we can. Love home grown veggies in the winter months.

    My email address is missysids (at) yahoo dot com

  65. A few ways I've gone organic: 1) I quit eating most meat, as it's hard to find local organic meat in my area. 2) I've moved to companion planting in my vegetable garden to eliminate the need for pesticides. 3) I've started doing the bulk of my shopping at farmers markets.
    My email: dreaming_of_autumn@hotmail.com

  66. Great giveaway in celebration of Earth Day! Thanks. We go organic by growing our own veggies, having our own chickens for organic eggs and by choosing to by organic clothing for our little one that's on the way. I believe that even with clothing, buying organic cotton is key to help reducing pesticide waste in water sources and damaging soils. Love your blogs! laniamore@gmail.com

  67. HI!! I "Liked" Earth Dinner on Facebook because I already "Like" you!
    We grow our own blueberries and peppers,melons etc. We have just started(Last year) growing..and selling Goji plants which we are very excited about!!!! I traveled to China last year and brought lots of dried berries back.
    WE are now also starting to raise our own StCroix sheep and should have our first Lambing season! end of July...so exciting!

  68. I go organic by:
    growing as much produce as I can myself,
    buying as much as I can from the farmers market and
    seeking out organic options at the grocery store.

  69. I liked it on FB! =D My favorite way to go organic is to grow my own as much as possible using healthy soil and organic seeds! Just found your blog and love it! tviani@charter.net

  70. I liked Earth Dinner today, I'm going organic by buying local and also planting my own organic garden this year. I also just found out we are expecting and are already purchasing cloth diapers and of course breast fed is best. My email is annmichelle82@hotmail.com.

  71. 3 ways I go organic:
    - starting to keep bees this spring
    - guerrilla gardening organic fruit and veg in a city lot
    - joining a startup organic CSA in my neighborhood

  72. Didn't know you had a FB page....joined hte "like" list, true for "Earth Dinner" too.

    We 1) grow our own or shop local 2) compost/ recyclce almost all 3) BYOB all the time

    pattaniece [AT] gmail [DOT] com

  73. I liked you on Facebook. my favorite organic thing is to help at an organic CSA veggie farm, my 2 boys love to play in the dirt! My email is higentry at yahoo dot com. Thanks Heidi

  74. I Liked Earth Dinner.
    My favorite way to go organic is to plant an all organic and Non-GMO garden (basically, I'm obsessed with the Johnny's Select Seeds and High Mowing Organic Seeds catalogs).

    amk671 AT yahoo DOT com

  75. Three ways I go organic are shopping at our farmers' market, growing my own, and buying organic dog treats.

    amk671 AT yahoo DOT com

  76. I liked this on facebook! and I like it everywhere else too! My favorite way to go organic this week is to color my Easter eggs with onion skins. I boiled the skins with the left over egg-boiling water and let it cool. Added some vinegar and soaked the eggs overnight. Lovely!
    genahohman AT gmail DOT com

  77. Great give away!
    3 ways I go organic.
    Grow my own in the garden, buy from the local farmers markets, and make my own cleaning products

    greensandjeans AT gmail dot com

  78. 3 ways I go organic: homegrowing as much produce as I can for as much of the year as possible in our climate, buying any meat from local farmers who use organic methods, starting most of my garden veg from seed to support the saving and continued availability of organic seed.

  79. Our favorite way to go organic is to grow our own food... that way we know the farmer :) We grow as much as possible on our 5 acres.

    jjclark2 AT gmail DOT com

  80. I liked Farmgirl fare on facebook. Loved the pictures!
    sarah.mira at gmail dot com

  81. 1) I liked Farmgirl Fare on facebook.
    2) I begin the organic cycle by growing food using compost made on our farm and by NOT putting any chemicals in the garden.
    3) email me at cherieguerrant(at)yahoo(dot)com

  82. 1) I liked Earth Dinner
    2) Grow my own!!! I recently started companion gardening to combat the local bugs.
    3) americanvalkyrie@hotmail.com

  83. Awesome contest!

    1. I planted my own backyard garden this year and plan on only using natural pesticides.

    2. I supplement fruits and veggies at the farmer's market, organic only.

    3. I have switched some of my household cleaners to organic versions.

    jamiemeier at gmail dot com

  84. Since I had previously "liked" you on Facebook, my second entry is:
    3 ways we go organic (already mentioned growing our own:)
    1) I buy my eggs from a friend, who only feeds her chickens organic mash
    2) I make my family's yogurt from organic milk
    3) We use holistic remedies whenever possible, including raw local wildflower honey.
    email: americanvalkyrie at hotmail dot com

  85. I liked Earth Dinner TWICE on FB - once from my personal account, and once from my page, Decadent Philistines Save the World. :)
    We have a CSA only about 10 miles away from our house here in the Phoenix area. We purchase all of our vegetables from the farm, so it's not only organic but local. And let's not forget DELICIOUS.
    My email address is allison DOT lee DOT powell AT gmail DOT com

  86. I liked Earth Dinner on facebook
    I grow my own!

  87. I also like Farmgirl Fare on FB
    I also love farmers markets

  88. This really is a fun contest! :)
    Three of the ways that I am trying to go organic are the following:
    1) We have been buying our eggs from a colleague of my husband's; we recycle the egg cartons, too (and collect them from friends to take to her). Not only are the eggs organic, but they are generally 4 days old at the most. We also usually get a duck egg or two - all for $2 a dozen!!!!!
    2) Next month, I'll be headed out to a local peach orchard and picking as many peaches, apricots, and plums as I can possibly fit into my truck and then canning them, drying them, making them into jam, etc. The farm is organic (although not certified so) and focuses on supporting the community.
    3) I'm purposely seeking out local restaurants that use local and sustainable farms (such as the peach farm I noted above) for their ingredients. What a huge difference in the quality of the meal!
    My email address is allison DOT lee DOT powell AT gmail DOT com

  89. We go organic a couple of ways.

    1) If grocery shopping in a supermarket, I always choose the organic option if one is available.

    2) We use localharvest.org to find farms, farmstands, and farmers' markets to buy from. Over the years we've met some wonderful farmers and their families.

  90. 1. I liked Earth Dinner on FB
    2. My favorite way to go organic is buying organic milk and yogurt.
    3. cdreyes AT yahoo DOT com

  91. 3 Ways I go Organic -
    1 Try to grow some veggies and herbs in my yard every summer.
    2. Buying organic milk, yogurt, cereals and snacks - and certain produce.
    3. Shopping at our Local Farmers' Markets (found a couple new ones that are nearby through localharvest.org) and especially going to pick our own strawberries, apples and peaches at nearby farms (one is certified organic).

    cdreyes AT yahoo DOT com

  92. 3 ways we go organic:
    1) grow as many of our own veggies as possible (even though we're just renting in a small duplex)
    2) using natural methods of pest control on that garden
    3) supporting local farmers at the farmer's market


  93. I liked you on facebook
    I liked earth dinner on face book
    And I go organic by:
    Giving yummy earth organic lollipops to my nieces and nephews
    Buying organic starter plants and seeds (most things I start from seed but not tomatoes since I can't get them to grow) (ps I buy my seeds from seed savers exchange - lurve them)
    I feed my husband only certified organic grass fed beef (I'm vegan so I don't eat it but I changed him from a mcdonald's man to someone who eats stuff that is better)

    My email
    Joy . Clark (at) gmail . COM

  94. We go organic by: growing our own garden without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, we consistently buy the dirty dozen foods organic and other organic foods as our budget allows, We're getting our own chickens to provide us with eggs and we'll feed them food remains that are health for them and then use their poop in our garden as fertilizer!

    Jlfmcnichols at gmail dot com

  95. I liked you page on FB too ! One other way we go organic is by having our pest control person use natural methods for control!

    Jlfmcnichols at gmail dot com

  96. I like Earth Dinner on FB. I am learning organic composting and growing my own food!

    alklong at hotmail dot com

  97. I like Farmgirl Fare on FB and I raise my own chickens!

    alklong at hotmail dot com

  98. I liked Earth Dinner on FBook too!

    I work with an organic farm here on the Central Coast of California. All last year I wrote the newsletters, did research on vegetables and fruit and learned a lot to apply to my own baby attempts at gardening. The farm offers a CSA program and I am just building the website (you can see it - still a work in progress: www.cvorganicfarm.com). I eat and cook and share as much organic food as possible!

  99. Organic - we buy as much of our grocery purchases organic. We shop locally with farmers and farmers markets for meat and produce. Our eggs are from a farm in walking distance! And finally we have an organic veggie garden in the back. :)

    jessica e maurice at gmail dot com

  100. Favorite ways we go organic:
    1. Organic Valley half and half - it's in my morning cuppa joe right now!
    2. We have a large organic garden
    3. We buy organic whenever possible
    cgulvin AT hotmail DOT com

  101. Three more ways that we go organic:
    1. Back in the 90's we had an organic market garden. We don't sell anymore, but we inspired a few others to grow their own organic gardens.
    2. We start most of our own seedlings using organic methods.
    3. We buy organic coffee beans from Equal Exchange....the best!

    cgulvin AT hotmail DOT com

  102. I "liked" Farmgirl on Facebook.

    My favorite way to go organic is to grow my own veggies & herbs!

    slswayze AT gmail DOT com

  103. Hello! 3 ways I go organic... can I say garden, garden, garden? Hahaha... Here we go:

    1. I compost and use that in my garden
    2. I visit the farmers market
    3. I try to shop from the organic section when possible.

    aleash25 at yahoo dot com

  104. I "like" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook!! My favorite way to go organic is growing my own vegetables and herbs in my garden and shopping at my local co op. I also make my own laundry detergent and cleaners LHouchin3 AT ivytech DOT edu Thank you love your blog especially the gardening posts!!

  105. I "liked" Earth Dinner. Another favorite way I go organic is buying organic produce at my local farmers market on Fridays. It's a great way to get good food while staying local and I know it's fresh and affordable! LHouchin3 AT ivytech DOT edu

  106. 3. Leave a comment here on this post telling me:
    a) Three ways you go organic. Raise my own chickens for eggs, raise my own cattle for beef, forage in the forest for berries and mushrooms.
    b) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win). lizage1 at yahoo dot com

  107. 2. "Like" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook (this option for new fans only), then leave a comment here on this post telling me:
    a) That you "liked" it. DONE!
    b) A favorite way you go organic. grow all my own veggies for year round consumption
    c) Your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win). lizage1 at yahoo dot com

  108. I liked you on facebook. We get better at local and organic every year (its hard sometimes). I've found a source of local and naturally grown chickens. We buy meat from a locally owned butcher who gets his meat from a naturally grown farmer. I am very active and buy from our farmers market and other local food organizations. I can and freeze. I'm getting better at growing more food. I compost. Is that enough?

  109. Three ways I go organic:
    1. I belong to an organic CSA. We joined in 2001.
    2. I switched to organic milk and yogurt last year.
    3. I buy organic/free range eggs and meat.

    marciamoore2 AT hotmail DOT com

  110. AND, I liked you on Facebook. I didn't realize you were on FB!

    marciamoore2 AT hotmail DOT com

  111. I liked Earth Dinner on Facebook, since I have already followed your amazing posts for a while now. I go organic by GROWING MY OWN veggies and fruit and supplementing from our awesome farmers' market. Meat and dairy are always organic, free-range, and local if I can find it. It's a dream of mine to live your life, sheep and all.


  112. three ways I go organic are: 1. composting, recycling, and reusing 2. growing my own organic fruits and veggies 3. buying from local, small family farmers!
    my e-mail: fromtherustichome AT gmail DOT com

  113. Like you on FB - Kitty Mayne


  114. Like Earth Dinner on FB - Kitty Mayne
    1. We go organic by growing our own berries and veggies and canning/freezing/drying them for winter. 2. We also have half share in a CSA. 3. We buy chicken and beef from local organic farmers.

  115. Love this giveaway!

    I do what I can...where I can. I frequent the closest Farmers' Market. 'Have started gardening myself in the last two years. I buy organic when/where possible. I also think practically when choosing flowers for my yard...going with native plants as much as possible to conserve water. And I plant specifically for birds, too!

    My favorite place is the organic blueberry ranch! (I went picking SIX times last summer!) Gotta love that freezer stash!

    I LOVE this "place" and come to "see" you almost every day!

    silvernsassy AT yahoo DOT com

  116. I've been slowly going more and more organic like this:
    1) I've started growing my own food at the side of my house (hard because no one spot in my yard is "full sun" - but doable if you do a little research about what will grow in part-shade conditions)
    2) I participate in a local (WI) summer CSA
    3) I compost & use that where I can

    laima UNDERSCORE r AT yahoo DOT com

  117. I like Earth Dinner on facebook :)

    My favorite way to go organic is to simply look for MORE ways to be able to slowly incorporate more pieces fo organic in to my life (slowly, so my pocketbook doesn't freak out) ... most recently, this meant joining a local *meat* CSA. Every other week for three months I picked up assorted cured meats made locally and from locally grown, organic meat.

  118. 3 ways I go organic:
    1. grow most of our own fruits/veggies organically
    2. raise chickens on organic feed for eggs
    3. shop at the local farmer's market

    tightwaderin AT cox DOT net

  119. Three ways I go organic:
    1) I grow my own vegetables in the summer organically
    2) I compost my kitchen waste for the garden
    3) I buy organic products at our local co-oop and shop in the farmers market in the summer.


  120. I've gone organic by:
    1) ripping out my front lawn to grow more of my own fruits and vegetables, no pesticides allowed!
    2) Started a second garden next to the vegetable garden that's solely for attracting beneficial insects (bee's, ladybugs, butterflies, etc)
    3)Joined a local organic CSA to supplement items that I currently dont grow in my own yard.

    My email is betweenthelimes AT gmail DOT com

  121. a) I liked Farmgirl Fare on Fbook.
    b) My best local grocery store finally expanded their organic produce options. I've been buying lots to let them know I love it.
    c) e-mail address jenine.mestonATgmail

  122. Organic is the only way to go!
    1. Every little sunny patch in our yard is growing our own organic food, herbs and fruits.
    2. We fill in our groceries with a local CSA year-round. They rock, and they can give us a few more items that I can't grow myself.
    3. We regularly shop the farmer's markets here (and there are a ton of them) to pick up bigger bunches of organic stuff too - like boxes of berries and mounds of cucumbers to can and preserve for the rest of the year.

    happyflapjack AT gmail DOT com

  123. 1) we get our eggs fresh from our neighbor

    2) we buy milk from a local dairy that uses organic/natural methods. The cows are grass fed!

    3) We have a garden and grow our own veggies and fruits (berries) organically

    katie at dekabyte dot com

  124. I "liked Earth Dinner on Facebook. How do I go organic? I try to buy from local organic farmers!


  125. 1. I "liked" Farmgirl Fare
    2. I go organic by choosing organic when I must shop at our only big grocery store, Wal-Mart
    3. boylecollegecounseling@gmail.com

  126. I already "like" you on Facebook, so I added Earth Dinner as well to my likes.
    I shop only the certified organic vendors at our three local farmer's markets. I try to buy only the organic products at Trader Joe's (one of my jobs is working there)
    My yard and garden is organic, I have lots of herbs and several fruit trees and a few container veggies as well.

  127. I liked Earth Dinner on FB!

  128. Let's see...

    I go organic by buying local, organic, pasteurized but non-homogenized milk from my local dairy (it's so good).

    I buy organic fruits and vegetables as often as possible.

    And (this is a new one) I buy all organic teas! yay for zumi!

  129. I'm entering by placing my comment here on the blog.

    We practice oranic living in an urban environment in these ways:

    1. We grow our own!! (square foot gardening)
    2. We compost.
    3. We support local growers by patronizing the downtown farmer's market at Pepper Place in Bham Alabama.
    4. We support local growers/producers by buying their locally produced food and art items at AlabamaGoods.

    elsnow AT homewood dot k12 dot al dot us

  130. AND...I forgot:

    I have a standing order for a dozen farm eggs per week from a young woman who works with my youngest son! AND we're drawing up a chicken environment so we can keep sneaky city chickens!!!

    elsnow at homewood dot k12 do al dot us

  131. I could almost smell the oregano! Great photos! The Earth Dinner book has great ideas.Thanks!

    Here's my usual organic efforts:

    I like to grow my own fruits and veggies.
    I compost as much as I can from the kitchen and garden.
    I LOVE to shop the farmers' markets
    fogardengirl AT comcast Dot net

  132. I liked Earth Dinner on Facebook- what a rad idea. I grow my own (herbs, lettuces, baby veg). I compost kitchen scraps and/or use them in "compost" stock!



  133. I "liked" Earth Dinner. I go organic by buying local eggs from pastured chickens. Soon I will help slaughter some broilers too. deut28bless@hotmail.com

  134. I go organic with environmentally friendly dish and laundry soap, I forgo all harsh cleaning supplies, I use organic eggs and dairy, and I wear upcycled, eco-friendly shoes!


  135. 1. Liked Earth Dinner on Facebook.
    2. A favorite way to go organic is growing our own herbs and vegetables. We hope to add chickens to the equation soon as well.
    3. fromajolie@gmail.com

  136. We always buy organic dairy,eggs, bread, and as much poultry as possible.
    I grow some of our own veggies and love to compost. We use earth friendly cleaners. and this year I am adding organic clothing and bedding to our list. Thanks for supporting the Earth!

  137. a.I liked "Earth Dinner" on FB
    b. I purchase locally raised, organic free range chickens!
    c. eeyore4356@yahoo.com

  138. I liked Farmgirl on FB
    I also buy locally raised grass fed organic beef!

  139. liked Earth Dinner on facebook
    Recycle all paper, bottles
    Buy organic from our Farmers Mkt here in the Valley
    Love the pictures and farm views

  140. We go organic by growing our own produce as space allows on our condo patio
    We buy locally produced eggs and dairy products
    We purchase grass fed beef and chicken as availabe

  141. I buy mostly organic produce at the grocery store, compost scraps, and recycle everything we can.

  142. I "liked" Farmgirl Fare on Facebook.
    I get my fresh produce from the farmer's market, so I know I'm not buying out-of-season fruit from Australia (not that there's anything wrong with Australia).

  143. Me! Me! Me! Pick me!

    1. We grow 90% of our meat and all our dairy in the summer using sustainable methods.

    2. Because of all our poultry and such we don't use chemicals in our gardens.

    3. Most of our produce is grown from saved seeds.

    ohiofarmg a T gma il dot com

  144. I'm a new fan of The Earth Dinner on Facebook.

    One way we go organic is buy growing as much of our own food as we can in our backyard (chemical-free, of course).

    chapstickmeg at gmail.com

  145. I'm a new fan of Farmgirl Fare on Facebook.

    We go organic by supporting local farmers and purchasing sustainable, naturally raised meat and dairy. Yum!

    chapstickmeg at gmail.com

  146. We go organic three ways by joining a CSA, buying our meats from local farmers, and getting eggs from friends who raise chickens!


  147. Love all your stuff...we are hunting for property looking to go rural and you are an inspiration!
    We go organic by 1) 100% organically growing (and sharing) much of our own veggies, fruit, and herbs and buying the bulk of what we don't grow from our local organic veggie farm, and our local organic beef and raw milk producers, 2) foraging - much of it the weeds in our own yard! and 3) producing homemade cleaning and personal products from our harvest. I am at quozzle at hotmail dot com.

  148. Mary from Madison4/22/2011 6:35 PM

    I so enjoy your posts! Liked Earth Dinner on Facebook as LaFarge is not far from me and we love organic.
    1. We participate in a CSA and I work with an organic farmer at the one and only DANE COUNTY FARMERS' MARKET!
    2. We grow vegetables and small fruits in our backyard organically.
    3. We buy local.
    buchhma AT live dot com
    Happy Easter! Hope the lambs have a great time gamboling!

  149. I Like what Ohio Farm Girl said! And I agree!
    Pick me!!
    Three ways that we go organic:
    1) I have a pea patch in our backyard complete with Hoop house that grows a good deal of our veggies every year. I get my seeds from organic, non-GMO producers (like Baker Creek - they are rad.)
    2) I make our own organic compost using Vermicomposting and pile compost methods and use this in our garden. (No chemicals for us!)
    3) When I shop, I buy organic ingredients and make all my daughter's baby food from scratch with these ingredients. The more we buy, the more they will offer!!
    l.w.nickell AT gmail DOT come

  150. #1 - Growing as much of my own food as possible on my shady city lot and rental garden.
    #2- Purchasing organic foods as much as possible, especially organic milk to make yogurt and bulk grains and seeds from the co-op.
    #3 - I know this is not really organic, but I buy most of my clothes in the Thrift stores, which reduces the amount of cotton that is needed, most of which is heavily saturated with pesticides. I must say that this does not feel like a hardship to me, as the quality of clothing at the Thrift shops is so obscenely good and I save so much money by doing this, that I can't really claim any credit for this.

    Thank you for the site, especially for the bran muffin recipes and variations.