Sunday, April 3

Sunday Dose of Cute: Now That's More Like It (and The Whole Picture)

Estelle and Hugo 1
Estelle and her brand new baby boy, a little before 5:00 yesterday afternoon.

Hugo in his bonding suite

Within minutes of being born, Estelle's strapping son was up and helping himself to the milk bar, just like Nature intended. Mother and son are  now cozied up together at the Bonding Suite Inn and are doing just fine.

We're on the 'H' names this year (we started with 'A' names back in 2004—it only took me 9 years to come up with this oh so helpful and brilliant idea), so we've been calling him Hugo, which is short for Humongo. This guy is big.

Current lamb count: 9. Number of girls: 4. Boys: 5. Days into lambing season: 3. Temperature today: a very weird 86 degrees (high of 50 predicted for tomorrow). Wind speed all day long: felt like about 86mph. Number of pregnant ewes left: 16. Hours of sleep I got last night: 5 (a definite improvement!). Loads of laundry hung up on the line that dried in a flash: a very rewarding 2 (it's the little things).
©, where everybody's got milk—and, more importantly, it's going straight from mamas to mouths. Yes!


  1. Love the photos. We were thinking Hugo is big for a baby. Thanks for giving us such a visual feast of this moment in a very large universe.

  2. Aw. I'm totally in love with lambs after my experience yesterday (see my latest post). It's amazing. The ewes seem like such good mothers! x

  3. Susan!!! It's all happening! Welcome little Hugo. And 86? What is going on? xo

  4. How is Bert handling the additions to the farm family? Buddy & Daisy are great examples for him - so calm.

  5. I thought triplets(!) were amazing but I see you have a ways to go before all the new lambs are here. I'm rooting for you (and the sheep, of course!). Thank you for sharing all the moms, lambs and dogs with us. I can only imagine how much work you & Joe have to do - we're all thinking of you!

  6. This is my favorite time of year! Just wish you could get more sleep

  7. This picture is so adorable. It looks like you are really busy with all the new lambs. Thanks for sharing, and letting us be a part of it.

  8. Congratulations! He is adorable and I'm glad mama is doing alright.
    Best picture? The one where she is complaining directly to the camera. Priceless.


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