Monday, April 11

Monday Dose of Color and Cute: Donkeyland is Blooming

Redbuds are blooming in Donkeyland
With redbuds. . .

Dogwoods in Donkeyland
And dogwoods (the hillsides are covered with them!)

The Daily Donkey 65: Little Gnat Today

©, where it isn't all about the baby lambs this time of year—just almost all.


  1. I am so envious of your green grass! The hills will be bursting with green soon. Love the Monday Dose of Cute.

  2. The lambs are adorable, but you know how we feel about the donkeys! Obviously, there is just too much cuteness on the Farm! Love 'em all!!!

    Thanks for sharing them with us - wish I could give them all a hug!

  3. Donkeys! Back in the main blog!

    Some time you have nothing better to do (heh), would you maybe post a handy-dandy guide to telling one donkey from the next? Dan and Gnat seem obvious but the girls, not so much. Thanks!

  4. My parents grew up in Ripley County, Missouri, and never tired of talking of the beauty of dogwoods in bloom, "like snow on the hills". My dad is now almost 90, lives in St. Louis, is not in good health, and has not traveled much in the past four or five years but last spring he couldn't quit saying he wanted to go to Ripley County to see the dogwoods bloom. I really wanted to take him but it was not possible. Thanks for the picture. My favorites here in southern Illinois are the redbuds. I have a favorite drive where the redbuds line the road and yesterday they were beautiful.

  5. Ditto Barb, I need my daily dose of cute. It seems as if the blooming of the dogwoods would become an attraction like traveling to see the fall foliage at peak. Such a glory, both fall and spring, makes the heart ache.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures for all of us. Some of us are trapped in an office and don't get to "smell the flowers" as much and often as we would like.

  6. My redbud already bloomed. The dogwoods are blooming now.

  7. Nice to see some color finally !

  8. I love my 'daily dose' thank you for sharing this part of your life. Dogwoods and donkeys... a very beautiful picture.

  9. OH, donkeys, donkeys, donkeys - how I love donkeys. Thanks for these lovely pics - they made my day!


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