Tuesday, April 5

Tuesday Night Quick Dose of Cute: New Fuzzy Face

baby polka dot lamb
I'm smitten.

Current Lamb Count: still 9. Number of pregnant ewes remaining: 16. Number of hours since the last new arrivals: 66! Number of trips I've made down to the barn during that time: probably about 18. In those 66 hours, we've had a heatwave (72° at 3am), a thunderstorm, temps in the 20s, one of the most blustery days ever, a new moon, and a 6 hour trip to town. I was sure with all that going on there would be babies popping out everywhere!

© FarmgirlFare.com, pink nosed, polka dotted, and having a feeling it's probably going to be a busy night.


  1. What a cutie! I look forward to seeing pictures of all the other new arrivals... when they arrive!

  2. You told us the other day to tell the pregos to cross their legs and not pop out while you were gone - obviously they took us too seriously. OK It is official - your new crossing of sheep turns out the absolutely cutest lambs I've ever seen!

  3. I love the masked eyes and little pink nose! I also hear that polka dots will be big this Spring - wonderful that lambie arrived with a coat in perfect fashion for the season!

  4. What a cutie!! I love those spots :)

  5. I think it just gets "more adorabler, and more adorabler" every day. (Is that even possible?) This lamb is so precious! Hard to imagine what's in store for you if there are still 16 pregnant ewes to go!! Oh My!

    We're all on baby lamb alert!

    Good luck to you,susan!

  6. Oh too precious!!! But they all are. I would have a hard time not wanting to have them all in one place so we could cuddles, hugs and kisses; and that goes for their precious mommies too!!!!

  7. such extremem cuteness???? love love love

  8. How cute! It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog.

  9. that baby is epically cute.

  10. Oh....my....goodness. I think I'm in love. That little fuzzy head, and the bubble-gum pink nose! Nothing would make me happier than to give it a big ol' squeeze. Thanks for making my day!
    xo Deirdre


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