Monday, November 06, 2006

Daily Farm Photo 11/6/06: She's Growing Up So Fast

Little Cary Is Six Months Old Today!

Don't know who Cary is? Meet her in A Tiny Tail for Mother's Day.

Our mornings still start out much the same, with a loud "Maaaaaaa!" from Cary. If she is not already waiting at the gate for me, as soon as she sees me she flies across the barn, pushing past the flock, leaping and running right over any big sheep in her way. I let her and Donkey Doodle Dandy out, Cary inhales half her bottle of milk, Dan gets pushed out of the way of oncoming traffic, then the rest of the sheep are set free and counted as they file out of the barn. Next it's treats for Dan and Cary and a few quick chores for me.

Then Cary and I (and often Robin & The Nanny Bear) head out in search of the flock. Lately they've been making a beeline to the farthest field, most of them preferring the shortcut entrance under the barbed wire to the giant open gateway just a few steps away. (Notice the well worn path and wool-covered wire in the photos.)

Once she sees her flock, Cary picks up the pace, often doing a little uncontrollable shake of her head and leap into the air because she is so happy. We greet the sheep, and Cary gets right down to the business of eating, glancing up every few moments between bites to make sure I am still nearby. Okay, she's actually checking to see if I've pulled out her bottle yet, as she knows perfectly well it is still half full. Once I give in and surrender the milk, she is pretty much done with me for the day. I pat her soft little body and tell her goodbye, then I slowly walk back to the house.

When I check on Cary during the day she is always happy to see me, but she is very busy eating. Once she is tucked in the barn for the night, though, she will happily stand still for hugs and nuzzles and listens intently to the sweet nothings I murmur into her fuzzy ears. This is the time of day when lambs cozy up and bond with their mothers, and I still feel a pang in my heart when I have to leave her each night. (Cary has the guilt thing down pat.) Like I said the other day, I may just have to spend a night or two in the barn during this next lambing season.

In the meantime, I continue to cherish each and every moment with my sweet surprise daughter—who, like any good foodie, is wearing her treats on her face.

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  1. Happy we use half a candle to represent half a year or six candles for six months ????

  2. So sweet, and your descriptions are lovely. She looks long-legged for a sheep. I love the way the ears stand out sideways from the head.

  3. Happy Birthday Cary! I love your photos and stories. They are a welcome rest from the rush of life here (I am a fellow Bay areaer also). I love your farm. It makes me long to go back to farm life.

  4. She looks like an adult now! I love the last picture with the grass on her face. Susan, she'll always know you're special, no matter how old she gets.

  5. Oh. Too, too sweet. Well done, Mom.

  6. Happy (monthly) birthday, Carykins! She looks so grown up now and you can't even tell which leg was the busted one. :)

  7. Happy (monthly) Birthday, Carykins! She looks so grown up now, and you can't even tell which leg was the busted one. :)

  8. She is the cutest lamb in the world. Yes. That is right. THE cutest one. Happy 6 mths Cary! I imagine you are quite the proud Mama.

  9. Awwwwwww! It's been wonderful watching Cary grow up on Farmgirl Fare. I hope you'll continue to give us updates even as she edges into ewe-hood and motherhood.

    The wool-covered wire is hilarious! Makes sense, though, with all the sheep trying to get under it every day. Maaaaaaaa!

  10. She is too pretty. I'm afraid I would have gotten her her own four poster bed or something and kept her in the house.

    Last evening, as the sun was setting and we were all in the house getting ready for dinner, I looked out the den window and saw my very big baby, my Percheron horse Toby, standing at the fence, looking towards the house expectantly.

    They do tug at your heartstrings. Unfortunately, an almost 1,700 pound Percheron can't exactly curl up in front of the woodburning stove in the evening while you read your novel. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, mind you. ;-)


  11. Happy birthday sweet, charming, beautiful Cary! My heart swells to read of her.

  12. Wow! Four Cary photos in just one day!!

    Happy Birthday Cary!

  13. Happy Birthday Cary!

    That 3rd pic of the field of sheeps reminds me of a scene from the old Looney Tunes cartoon with Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf.

  14. Looking out into the future; one word: Grand-Lambs?

    Well, one hypenated word anyway.

  15. This post reads like a children's book with fabulous photos to boot!
    Happy Half-year, little lamb!

  16. Happy Half-year Cary.
    Love hearing about her and the pics are great too.

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARY!!!!!!!!! I'll eat a cupcake for you today!

    -- Ray

  18. Happy, happy 6 month birthday Cary !

  19. Oh Susan I love the Cary posts. Thank you for telling us so much about her and the journey that you have both taken together.

  20. Awe, so sweet, Happy Birthday Baby Cary.

  21. Happy 6 moth birthday Cary.. Many woolly wishes to you...

  22. Am glad you share in Cary's growing up on your farm Susan! I still love to visit your blog all the time.

  23. Just discovered yr wonderfull blog,todays entry perturbed me, the sheep are so far away, do you have problems with the wild life?

  24. I.Love.Cary!!! :) She's gorgeous!!!

  25. It's been a while since I've posted .. but I just love reading about little Cary. Six months! Gosh!!

    If you ever have any extra wool .. y'know .. stuff you don't need ... I'll be gladd to hand it over to my beloved, whose spinning wheel should be arriving any day now. *wink*


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