Sunday, November 26

Daily Farm Photo: 11/26/06

Weekend Cat Blogging #77

Farm Boss Patchy Cat Multi-Tasking In The Greenhouse

(He's holding down a tarp, guarding the Spanish black radish seed pods, soaking up some sun, and catching a quick nap.) Head over to
House Of (Mostly) Black Cats for all the links to this week's kitties.

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Another Same Scene, New View


  1. Oh yeah, Patchy is workin hard holding down that plastic stuff! And napping at the same time. How smart!

    Thanks for joining Weekend Cat Blogging #77!

    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

  2. Now that's my idea of multi-tasking...leave it to a cat to redefine the meaning of the word!

  3. Hello. I read your comments on Mark Ruhlman's blog about eating local/seasonally and wanted to say how much I admire what you are doing.
    As far as that magazine that contacted you....why not show the world how you really do it? That it's not a picture perfect world. Maybe more people would think that having a garden or a greenhouse was possible if they didn't see it all "Martha Stewart-ized". You rock, just the way you are!

  4. Meow, looks a happy cat :)

  5. I tried to tell Joe I was multi-tasking by holding down the couch, guarding the TV and remote, while performing quality control on the baked goods.

    I don't think he went for it....

  6. He needs a break? My goodness... Then I need one too.. What an adorable cat you have there..Hello Patchy....

  7. Crazy how similar Patchy Cat looks to my Felix. Even the black spatter on their noses (Felix's looks like a Hidden Mickey shadow). If markings have anything to do with it that must mean Patchy is a true lover/lap warmer.

  8. Aren't cats so clever/lucky!

  9. Making work look easy, there ya go Patchy cat.

  10. I show my children your sight periodically and was showing them the picture of Lindy. Of course they wanted to see some sheep (as always) and as I was scrolling down the page, they got to this picture and said "Oh look, it Felix! Hod did she get that picture?".

    That's how much Patchy looks like our cat. Funny.


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