Thursday, November 9

Daily Farm Photo: 11/9/06

Big Sky

A year of Daily Photos ago:
Top O' The Forest To You
And out of the kitchen came:
Mexican Monkey Cake


  1. Ahh, take a big breath of fresh air as you take in the beauty around you!! Tiny sheep against that big blue sky!! Very lovely Susan!!

  2. i can't get enough of farmgirl's blog! just so you know.

  3. ...if I run out of blue I know where to get it

  4. Another beautiful picture. Sometimes I have to visit this site multiple times a day to a relaxation fix. I am learning how to make breads and am purchasing the Bread alone book recommended in your favorites store. Hopefully my breads come out as nice as yours.

  5. Breath taking... Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lovely refreshing picture to gaze at :)

  7. This sky is wonderfully blue! Nice picture.

  8. I have never left a comment on a blog before, but I have to let you know how much reading your thoughts and viewing your photos means to me each day. I grew up in a rural area, and miss it more the older I get. I look forward to the literal breath of fresh air that you provide. I am sure that there are many more people like me who transport themselves to a nirvana such as yours. Thank you so much for giving me a daily chance to re-charge. Sometimes I think of Cary, Nanny Bear, or Dan in the middle of a crazy day and I smile.

  9. What a lovely meadow. I'm breathing in all that delicious air too.


  10. Finally, dial up or not, I got on to see some recent posts. Beautiful pictures, as always. The one of Cary looking out - what beautiful open land you have! You are way ahead on the grass than us Oregonians.
    I love Dan's halter, but I do what to extend one warning - they are dangerous to leave on - now, I don't think you have all the fences, but you might want to consider leaving it off. I was warned of this with my first horse, and have heard many horror stories from my vets and other livestock owners. Just a thought. The world would not want Donkey Dan to come to any harm!!! And Monkey cake - I must check it out - perhaps they will be a good match when I make my next monkey cages?

  11. Hi Susan - it's nice to see that there is blue sky SOMEWHERE in the world - certainly not in the Pacific NW that's for sure! There's more rain in the forecast for at least the next 10 days!! Oh, well, that's life in the PNW- and we had a beautiful summer, so I shouldn't complain... :-) T.

  12. absolutely breathtaking..


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