Friday, November 10

Daily Farm Photo: 11/10/06

240 Acres & He Wants To Be On Your Foot

Attention Dog Lovers! This is Weekend Dog Blogging #60!
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  1. My dog has taken to foot warming lately too. Especially at the off-leash dog park. He runs to get pets (from the humans, of course) and then promptly plops down on the foot of his victim/friend to make sure they don't walk off.

  2. ...what a great companion !

  3. Awwww, he's smiling for his picture, the handsome devil!! My dog, Avery is an adorable little cute pug, he smiles all the time too and likes to chew his bones on our feet!!

  4. Lovely - thanks for the smile.

  5. This picture made me say..."aawwhh". My dog is just like this, 300 acres to roam and always prefers you feet. And usually flops her 90lb self to get there. Very endearing - and tons of trust on their part!

  6. You've got to love a goofy dog!

  7. Please join us this weekend for WCB #75 being hosted by
    Thank you.
    Bonnie in Virginia

  8. Such a great dog... and what a smile!!

  9. Aren't they the most faitful ? And always showing so much joy to live...

  10. Wonderful foot warmer.


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