Tuesday, November 14

Daily Farm Photo: 11/14/06

Did You Say Snow?


A year of Daily Photos ago:
Did I Hear That Right? Clare Is Back?!


  1. Ohhh! Sweet surprised-looking LBB and Cary! Do sheep enjoy snow? Most dogs do, I think.

    About your Year of Daily Photos Ago: Hilarious! What kind of chicken is Whitey? She looks like a Columbian Rock mixed with something else. What a pretty girl!

  2. THat is my favourite kind of lamb!!! Love the white ones with black ears and socks :)

  3. Gah! Snow!!! I wish I had a big wooly coat :p

    And Miss Kitty - I think Whitey is a southern chicken....Kentucy-fried, to be exact.

    Bwuahahahaha! Errr.....

  4. Hahahahahaaaa! Jeff, that's funny. Of course, don't tell Whitey I said that...or my hen, Myrtle Mae, for that matter.

    Now I'm in trouble with the poultry among us.

  5. Snow? And yet your salad greens look great. I have lettuce & spinach under a simple cold frame, but they are screaming for more daylight hours, I think. The spinach is doing better than its neighbor outside the frame, though.
    As always, its a pleasure to visit your farm photos.

  6. Love the looks! No snow here.. you get what we didnt get. *sighs* you should send it back our way for some wet stuff.

    Have a wonderful day

  7. Mr. Jeffrey, suh,
    We'd thank you to quit funnin' about that Saunders man and his house of chicken horrors. We may be southern, but we are not about to be fried.

    I'll have you know that Whitey and I prefer to be thought of as free range. And whitey agrees that she's a pretty girl, thank you kindly, miss kitty. (Chickens do not hold with false modesty.)

  8. Dear Lindy (the chicken) and Whitey:

    My humblest apologies. I was drunk at the time - Joe was cooking with alcohol, and when he wasn't looking, I was taking swigs.

    I said things for which I am not proud. They in no way reflect how I really feel. I'm a chicken lover - some of my best friends are chickenz!

    The rest are chicken fingers....




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